Saturday, October 18, 2008

Halloween Extravaganza

I'm joining in the fun with Vanessa and the festive Halloween Extravaganza. After all, Halloween is one of my mostest favoritest days of the year. Who could resist a day where you can dress up however you wish, visit with neighbors and receive yummy goodies?

The wise old fortune teller warns me. According to her open minds are dangerous-your brains could fall out!

She's full of other advise as well, but I think you can believe that she doesn't know quite as much as she thinks she does. I guess that's what happens when you are stuck in a crystal ball.

Actually, the type of halloween I simply adore is filled with fantasy and dress up and letting those childhood dreams of fairy tales and magical kingdoms come to life. In honor of this, I have followed the lead of Tina Wright and her magical fairies she shared in Somerset Studion Gallery-Summer 2008. I loved her creations and the fact that she made them out of a wine glass really intrigued me. As soon as I saw them I wanted to make one of my own.

I used some fun photos of my 3 neices and went to work. Of course I had to add wings and glitter and fluffy furs. Crystals and crowns and fairy wands too. I stuck with themes of believing in yourself, play, and dreams because I hope that all 3 of these beautiful girls allows herself to do what she wants in life. And I think these 3 factors-if sufficiently explored-allow someone to truly know oneself and leads one to know what they will be happy doing in life.

The beautiful fairy wearing the black skirt has been expressing her creative self in amazing ways lately. She made this art all by herself. I love the way she's naturally employing mixed-media techniques of layering and using multiple materials. I visited her yesterday and loved that she wrote out the words, cut them off and then glued them on instead of just writing them where they ended. The cat cutout has been embellished with flower shaped crystals too. I thought this was pretty impressive for a kindergartener to accomplish all on her own.

Thank you so much for stopping by. I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a fantastic upcoming halloween

Friday, October 10, 2008

She's back!!!!

She's back! My friend and therapist has finally returned and she looks damn good too! Lets go back to May when she left for her spa visit. She had an old crackled finish which covered her beauty. Her keys were chipped and in many cases completely missing. She was tired and scuffed all over on the outside. Inside she seemed to be falling apart more every moment. Not holding a tune like she used to and basically just old and abused. One ugly toad of a man told me to scrap her-there was no hope of fixing her and she was junk. Thankfully my hubby and dad talked some sense into me and I got a second opinion.
I found a lovely woman who looked her over and said "Oh yes, she's fixable" and "I think she's worth it." So much was sorted out here on the home front as far as timing and finances and in May she left for some much needed rejuvinating work. As you can see she got a manicure and a pedicure (with such shiny metallic polish!)
She got her name freshened up over her nails as well with a tattoo that is a replica of the one she wore for so many years. She has some authentic name tags and serial information preserved
inside her.
She had a very nice rest and even got to lay down for a portion of her visit while she had new strings put inside. Nickel plated pins and German hammers restored her voice and she can once again boom with authority. Her face lift is truly a remarkable thing as all her fine lines and age spots have disappeared. She received no stain, just a high gloss laquer finish to allow her beauty to show. And to hear her sing, oh I wish I knew a way to share that with you. She truly is amazing. Her low notes boom and her high notes sparkle. She has an amazing feel when you play her now. She simply springs to life the minute you sit down with her.
So what am I doing taking pictures and posting here? Simply a small break from playing. You see its been 4 months without much practice and while my friend had a nice spa visit, I haven't been restored and my back is complaining after playing her for 4 1/2 hours. I'll be going back for more in just a minute though. I just wanted to allow each of you to see that this story did have a happy ending and share in my joy.

Thanks for stopping by.

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