Monday, May 16, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbook-May/Jaime

I was able to spend the entire afternoon with Jaime's sketchbook.  This is my spread for the month of May.  To me, May represents beginnings and endings.  It is my birthday which always makes me reflect on the past year, give thanks for the good and hopefully the bad seems less severe when revisited.  It is a time of celebration, of gathering my family around me and of hopes for what will come in the year ahead. 

May is the end to my teaching year.  It is celebrated by a nice recital where all my students can showcase their developing skills.  It is when I can sit and think about the progress each one has made, and begin to plan the directions I'd like to take them in the fall.

May is a time of stepping back my studio teaching obligations so that I may enjoy a more relaxed, free summer.  It allows me more time to spend outdoors during the beautiful Michigan summer.  It gives me time to devote to my art and time to really enjoy being by myself.
Finally, May is planting season (usually, but we've had so much rain everything is delayed this year!).  I love seeing all the freshly plowed fields while I'm out walking.  They look so neat and orderly and I've always wanted to go and play in one.  (I've managed to avoid doing this so my farmer neighbors wont be upset with me).  I also love to plant flowers while I'm surrounded by the fragrance of lilacs in bloom and the flutterings of the first butterflies of the year.  May brings many things to a close in my life, but it also opens many new and exciting doors.

I hope that Jaime likes my entry in her sketchbook.  I  had a relaxing and fun time painting it. 

Monday, May 9, 2011

And the winners are...

Jenn F (from Facebook) will be giving the box a new home
the little fishy will be swimming its way to Kathy.

Happy Monday to you all!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Giveaway

I love my birthday.
I celebrate it in a big way every year.
Craig and I take a short vacation, this year we went to Grand Rapids, MI and visited breweries.
6 breweries in 3 days.
We have fun.

I also have a family picnic.
This is the official first day of "Sangria Season"
This was celebrated on Sunday
and although we picniced inside due to more rain, it was a great day.

I also like to give something away on my birthday.
I give to charity, and as gifts I ask for donations to my favorite charity, the Breast Cancer 3 Day.
I sometimes donate blood but I'm off schedule for that and can't this year.
This year I'm giving something away on my blog.
This box. 
 And maybe something else, but its still being finished.
**edited 11:37, yes, that something else is finished and pictured at the end of the post**
So, if you'd like to help me celebrate my birthday, leave me a comment here.
Or like Artbrat's Bits & Pieces on facebook and leave me a comment on my wall.
If you do both, I'll enter your name in the hat twice.
I'll draw a winner on Saturday at noon so you'll have til then to be entered.
(and if the something other turns out, I'll edit this page with the 2nd giveaway)

I hope you have a wonderful day!
This little fishy with the big bulging eyes serves no purpose other than making someone smile.  I love his big eyes!  This will be the other giveaway.  I think I'll draw 2 names so I can spread the joy and fun a bit further. 
Good luck!
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