Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Marie Antoinette

This artwork was done for SuziBlu's "Petit Marie" class. I had a fantastic time working on this and really allowed myself to take my time and enjoy every layer without rushing to the final project. She is waiting at the bottom of the grand staircase for her beloved puppies. I think they're getting ready for a serene walk through the rose gardens. The mushroom birds are twittering in her ear that they are anxious to be in the sunshine. She cant wait to see the sparkling reflection of her new diamond necklace glint back at her from the pond. Her molded paper underskirt will surely twinkle as well since it has flakes of gold for embellishment.

I have always loved Vanessa's paper molded dresses and have wanted to try them out for quite some time. Marie seemed like just the over the top fashonista who would simply adore such a creation. The technique was lots of fun and I'll be continuing on with it employed in new work to see what else might evolve from this start.
In the real world away from art play, my studio is back to its full capacity and I'm really excited about this years students. Only 1 lesson that is a bit trying sometimes. Thats pretty darn good. I think this will be my favorite group of students as a whole that I've ever had. I have 3 adult students, who I adore teaching, and only 1 true beginning level child so we're going to be able to tackle some real music and have lots of fun instead of just learning how to read notes and rhythms. Very fun!!!!
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