Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fantasy Fest

We had an amazing time in Key West.  Its definetly one of the craziest things I've ever experienced and I loved every minute of it.
Our first night out had us dressed as matching German Beer Girls.  Craig got much more attention than I did with his fun costume that included his own taps.  Can you guess where those are?

Night two had us out as vampires.  I'm pretty happy with the makeup job I did on Craig. 

Both nights one and two were our storebought costumes, although I did make the pendant and the white flouncy "shirt" part of Craigs.

Night three Craig went out as "Swamp Thing" and I was an ocean reef.  I glittered up dollar store fish, used sparkly floral stems bought from Micheals, used some tulle to line it and make it more comfortable and added some twinkly lights inside (you cant really see these so well in the pic's, but they were great for after dark!)
On our fourth night we participated in a parade that anyone could walk in.  It is led by musicians (ours was a bucket drum corp).  It starts by half the people taking one route and half going a different route.  You finish up on Duval St. where the 2 directions meet.  It was a fun time for the goldfish and the jellyfish.  I had lost my arm fins by the time this pic was taken (they got soggy in a rainshower and I took them off, and please excuse the rainy hairstyle!)  Craig's jelly fish costume had glowsticks in all the tendrils and twinkly lights on top.  The coolest thing happened with these costumes.  Wyland, my very favorite artist, stopped us and took our picture!  Not to shabby for hand-made costumes!

Our last night of the festival was the big parade.  I was a mermaid and Craig was Poseidon. 

It was a great vacation and really fun to have handmade costumes that no one else had the exact duplicate of while walking around. 
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