Saturday, December 29, 2007

Its been a rough couple of days since Christmas and I havent felt like being sociable. I'm still pretty angry but its all part of life and I will work through everything eventually. Families (especially in-laws) can be very hurtful and I know I'm not the only one experiencing this type of problem. Just not sure what the best response is since you hurt others by what you do. Anyways, this is the vase that I made for the family "make it" gift. Its a mosaic riverstone over a glass vase so its completely useable. Its not very nice, but its holding together and I tried. If I ever try something like this again I need to use smaller stones as the glue didnt hold the large ones on and created a nightmare. Mom did seem to like it.

I am excited about my families decision to do away with our traditional gift exchange next year and adopt a needy family to buy for instead. We can get together to buy all the gifts and prepare the meal so we get the added benefit of special time together while helping others.

This is my moms other present. It is a wooden box that contains a flask. I drew the different glasses with the intentions of added a "so many choices..." at the top, but didnt feel there was sufficient room, so just left it. It was funny cuz when she opened it, she kept saying how much she loved the box and how cool it was, but she honestly didn't realize I had painted the picture. The family got a real laugh out of that.
I hope that everyone had a nice holiday and that you continue to stay safe as we approach the new year.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Oh my was our trip to the grocery store a mess of people. I sure am glad that we shouldn't have to run and get anything else until after the holidays. Tomorrow will be our Christmas cantata at church (after being weather delayed from last week). I'm really excited because I think the choir sounds even better than usual this year. It will be a beautiful, wonderful, inspiring evening.

Yesterday I had a hair appointment and got my highlights touched up. She trimmed it up and also added some red lowlights. It looks really pretty. Its so fun to have a short stylish do after so many years long, and of basically ponytailing it everyday.

The planter is what I made to give my Gramma for Christmas. Its a copper planter that has a calla lilly bulb you can force in it. I made a polymer clay tree and put all the kids, their spouses, grandkids and their spouses and great-grandkids names on the leaves. There is plenty of room to add names in case I have forgotten any from the other side of grandkids and also to allow for the new additions sure to come to the family. Its not the nicest thing I've ever made, but I think she'll like it. The second picture is a close up of some of the leaves.

I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas/Holiday season. I plan on doing my best to take pleasure in each and every moment. I was refecting today on how lucky I am. If that stroke had been more severe, this year could have been much different in a horrible way. I am still here and I am healthy and doing everything I can to prevent a repeat incident. Life really is short and you can't possibly know when your end is near. Embrace each and every moment. Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

I did a bunch of errands this morning and afterwards spent some time just wandering around the craft store. Every year my family draws 2 names. 1 name we do a traditional gift exchange. The other name we must make the person something. Its really neat to get a handmade gift made especially for you. Some of the things that have been made will definetly turn into family heirlooms. Anyways, this year I have someone who I thought would be easy, but the more I thought about it the more I knew I wanted to make something completely different than anything I've ever given them before. My wanderings inspired me to choose something I've thought of trying for a few months. I can't say much more or post a pic til after Christmas, but I started it today and its going well, but slow.
I've made it a point while being out the past 2 days to be extra happy on the outside-even if I'm not completely feeling it through and through. Its kinda funny to watch peoples reactions when you smile at them and act in a polite manner at this time of year. Unfortunatly its a rarity for them to experience. I find it sad that the season of Christmas that should be so filled with love is so overdone that it just causes so much unnecessary stress.
Todays art is a sketch I drew and painted with acrylics. I shrunk it down (along with the snowman art from a few days ago) copied it, and am using it for my present tags.
Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I donated blood this afternoon. I try to do this near the holidays as well as a few other times a year. This is my first sucessfull attempt (fail the iron test a lot) since my little TIA. It felt good to be able to do this again. I did have a very grumpy man doing the withdrawl. I could actually feel myself getting agitated just because of his attitude. Thankfully I was able to get out of there before he changed my attitude.
I have my last afternoon of teaching til the new year starting any minute now. It'll be a long afternoon/evening, but I'm excited about it as well. The kids are just so hyper at this time of year its hard to get them to focus on piano for a half hour.
My nephew, DH and I made a snowman last night. It really was terrible snowman snow, but we improvised with a shovel and made a pile and then tried to make it look close to a snowman. He's a bit pitiful. I might post a pic of him tomorrow.

Monday, December 17, 2007

We got a nice snowstorm yesterday. My trip into church and back was very slow but I remained safe. The neatest thing happened between services. There were only a few of us there and pastor cooked us breakfast. We had yummy eggs and sausage. It was such a nice, impromptu act of kindness. Our cantata performance has been rescheduled for next Sunday night. It mucks up my plans a bit, but what can you do.

No lessons again today due to the snow so I'm heading out to do some shopping. My walk this morning was quite a workout. Trudging through the snow worked up more of a sweat than my 3 mile run on Saturday. Its really beautiful out and I'm glad we were able to get out and embrace the day.

The art for today is what I worked on this weekend. I drew it out Friday or Saturday. I intended to draw something different but my brain took me in a new direction. I really enjoy when that happens. I painted it yesterday. I had a bit of trouble deciding on colors for the swirlies. Actually repainted from my original colors but I think it turned out nice.

Have a safe and warm day.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Wow am I wound up today. I feel like I'm in hyperspeed. I was out with my sis and niece today and I think I actually had more energy than the 4 year old! I can't remember that ever being the case before. I finally was able to get out for a walk this morning after being off for 3 days due to weather. That definetly helps my mood. It was fairly warm today to at about 32 degrees and no wind or rain and lots of sun.

I worked on my Christmas cards this afternoon. I did not make my own. I bought Shoebox funny ones like we always send out. I love the sense of humor in those cards.

The pic is of my polymer clay faux opal technique I started playing with yesterday. I kinda used the process outlined in Polymer Clay Cafe magazine but didn't have one of the materials they called for so I tried a substitution and really like how they turned out. The black ones were done yesterday and the white ones this morning. I actually meant to do something different with the ones this morning but I totally blew through and forgot a step. I still really like how they turned out. The pic doesnt really show the depth or the sparkle all that well. I'm going to make them into earrings and pendants. I embedded sterling silver loops into everything before I baked them so they're ready to go.

My tub is installed! It looks great. Now we need to get the cement board up and start working on tiling the surround. I'm so anxious for this to be over and just relax for a really nice soak. I'm also trying to decide how I want to decorate the room. It has always been fish since we moved in 10 1/2 years ago. I'm ready for a change but haven't picked anything for sure yet.

I'm off to church here in a bit. I love advent services. Its also our last rehearsal before our cantata performance on Sunday night. They choir is doing really well, but last week was a bit rough adjusting to singing from down front and getting used to those acoustics. Tonight should go well. I'm hoping they're serving a good soup in our meal before service starts. Something chunky and creamy. Yum.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another day with all my lessons cancelled. There's a chance of a bit more tonight, but then it'll be out of here. I made ornaments for my choir members. I didnt personalize these. I used a texture stamp cookie cutters and pearlx powders. These went very smooth. I did have to laugh because most people I know are spending time baking cookies and treats for the holidays. My oven has been on for 2 days almost constant and I havent made anything edible. I am working on another cool clay project I'll hopefully post tomorrow. So far its looking like its turning out. Hooray!
So my tub wasnt delivered today. I got a call to say they were loading up and on their way and then about 10 minutes later I recieved another call saying the tub was delivered in the wrong color (I need bone and they sent white.) I used to work from the plumbing shop doing the install and they were very apologetic and all. The warehouse didnt have a bone in stock so they were pulling all kinds of strings to take care of me. I talked to them this afternoon and the tub will be installed tomorrow. I'm ok with this whole thing but I'm not looking forward to my hubby coming home. Its kinda weird that little things can throw me into such a tizzy but something like this I can pretty much take in stride today. (I'm not PMSing anymore which surely helps) Sometimes I cant even understand myself.
Thank you to everyone who is stopping by. I am loving the Glitter Power Sisters. All of you are so talented and inspiring. I hope that you are all having a spectacular holiday season with plenty of time to embrace what each of you holds dear.

Monday, December 10, 2007

We had a bit of an ice storm here Sunday and into today. All the schools closed which means my lessons get cancelled too. My mom was borrowing my truck so I had no temptation to go anywhere. I worked on the Christmas ornaments I'll be giving to all my students. They're polymer clay. I made a piano keyboard cane to use on part of the music note. I used some leather crafting tools to make impressions in the clay in a few designs. I wrote each students name and the year on their ornament. Then the fun-I pulled out my pearlx powders and made everything shimmer. I love those powders. The pics are bad because of the glare, but I hope the idea comes thru.

I'm in a much better frame of mind today. I'm still fighting off the depression that is looming, but at least I'm trying. I've got lots of ideas brewing in my head that I'd like to work out in my art. Some ideas for gifts and others just to try and see what happens. To be honest the unexpected free time I had today really helped me not get that overwhelmed feeling I was bordering on for homemade gifts.

Our new bathtub will be installed tomorrow. I wont be able to use it til Christmas eve but I'm still super excited to be rid of the old yucky one. No amount of scrubbing could get it clean and it had a low spot where water collected and never drained properly.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

I thought I was helping. Doing a little bit to ease anothers load. I just didnt do it right. Feelings of incompetence and frustration fill me but the overriding emotion is sadness and I feel the depression enveloping me once again.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Friday everyone. My house is Christmasied up. I love it. Unfortunately, I keep wanting to add more but I'm not sure where to put anything else. Can you see my error on the tree? I went out yesterday specifically to buy more garland for the tree. I got it, came home and put it on the tree and THEN realized its not the same. Bummer huh. So, I guess I'm going back to the store today. Miss Winnie looks kinda pissed at the tree doesn't she. Funny, its Fozzy who really doesnt like it.

I got new boots yesterday and wore them on my walk this morning. They are super warm and cozy. Really comfy for a real walk too. Its funny how excited I am about them really. They're pretty cute too!

I really need to get some Christmas shopping done. I didnt find anything while I was out yesterday. I actually got pretty freaked out at the mall yesterday. I was walking past the center of the mall and could hear people yelling. As I got closer I could see security pulling people away from each other and the yelling continued. After what happened in Nebraska the day before it really disturbed me. I pretty much ran to the store to get out of there. What is the world coming to when you cant even Christmas shop without being fearful? It makes me very sad. I just cant comprehend what gets into peoples minds and to be honest I dont want to understand it. I yearn to live in a more tolerant, compassionate world.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

One of my younger piano students got a rock tumbler and this is one of the first rocks she finished. She wants to give it to one of her school teachers so her mom asked if I could make it into a pendant. I used 22g sterling square wire. I like how it turned out. I cant wait to see how the student likes it.
I need to do some errands this morning. I'm hoping the crouds and traffic arent to bad on a Thursday morning. I'm such a "people person"-nah, I'm not even close. I'd be happy if I could avoid everyone and just exist in my own little art-filled world. That certainly isnt going to happen this close to Christmas. At least I'm able to try to do this on a weekday and not Saturday morning when everyone is out.
Its cold here this morning. At the end of our walk it was 10 degrees. Theres still a dusting of snow and patches of ice, but it was a beautiful walk. My walking buddy and I laughed most of our 4 mile route. Its always good to start the day in that manner. We're supposed to get 1-2" of snow tonight. I should probably look for better boots when I'm out today. The ones I wore today are only shoes really with a bit of fur trim to make them a bit warmer, but they're to short for much more snow. Maybe I'll make that my goal-To find nice boots today or at least narrow it down better. Have a wonderful day.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

We got our Christmas tree decorated last night. I have to go get another thing of garland but its really beautiful already. I've been busy the past few days. Christmas in Ida was great as usual. It snowed on the parade and was really pretty with the lights. We had a great time. Sunday we went to our nephews band concert and then went to a Messiah concert later that evening. I really enjoyed the Messiah. This is the 2nd year I've gone to this groups concert of it and I think this year was better than last. Very beautiful and a wonderful way to get me in the Christmas mood. Monday night I went to a bar with a friend and listened to a jazz group from a nearby college. They were good and the evening was relaxing and nice.

My teaching was horribly hard yesterday. I have most of my younger students on Tuesdays. I really wasnt thinking when I put the schedule together. They are all so hopped up on Christmas stuff that it was nearly impossible for me to finish a sentence without them tangeting off into some activity that they're going to be doing soon, or anything else besides piano. I dont know how I'll get through that for the next 2 weeks.

I think this might be my last fairie for awhile. I gave my sis a copy of her fairie and my niece said "where's mine". Well, this is hers although she's not getting it til Christmas. This time I tried using only watercolors. I'm not very good in this medium, but I think it turned out ok. Its not my favorite. Her dress is wrong but I'm not sure how to make it better.

Tonight is our first Wednesday night Advent service of the year. I love these services as they truly allow me to slow down and meditate on the incomprehensible act of God sending us his son knowing he would be a sacrafice. Christmas truly is love.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Just keep swimming... I loved parts of the movie "Finding Nemo" I think my favorite character was the hippie like turtle. I sketched my turtle when I was stuck in the pit of the musical I worked on. I actually used the quote of "just keep swimming" on that page. Yes, I know that the fish Dori actually said that, but I was hanging on by a thin thread and needed to keep swimming. The rest of the fish were sketched within the next few days. I actually did all of the sketching without a visual. I drew from memory. I was pretty happy with them. I copied them, painted a watercolor background, markered the fish and cut them out, cut out leaved and glued them all to the background. I of course added glitter bubbles to. I'm not real thrilled with the positioning, but I glued the first fish down in the wrong spot.
Christmas in Ida is today. Its a huge festival for our small town. We have a light parade and lots of craft booths and have a blast. We walk to my aunt and uncles house to watch since the parade route doesn't go past our house. We have a big potluck and then watch the parade. I look forward to tonight all year. I hope each of you has a special activity that really defines the holiday season.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I had to go to the dr. today. I have TMJ. I've had it for years and it had calmed down to very liveable, but after my little mini stroke, the stress took its toll and my jaw doesn't work right and its very painful again. The MRI shows both discs dislocated. I went today to get my brace adjusted. I'm really happy that he did some grinding on it and I can talk fairly normal with it in now. Before it was very difficult to understand me. What I dont get is he actually pried my jaw open further than I could open. I'm not saying he was incredibly over the top with this, but when your jaw wont open and someone forces it open its painful. I've had plenty of dental techs do this and hurt me severly. This is my TMJ specialist! He knew it would hurt, apologized, and then proceeded to do it. I just dont get what he needed to find out. I was doing pretty good and now I have a headache and am sore. So not fair.
Todays art is my SIL's fairy. Buttercup Iceglitter. I'm to sore to really ramble on. I'm gonna work on something and focus my energy away from the pain. That usually helps.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I've been working on fairies lately. I didn't like my original one I made for myself, so I started over and am much happier with this one. From the fairy namer (link is on the right side bottom of my blog) her description is as follows:
Field Reeddancer-She is a panpipe player and enchantment singer. She lives in fields where wild flowers and poppies grow. She is only seen when the bees swarm and the crickets chirrup. She likes to wear red petals in her skirt. She has gentle green butterfly wings.
I also did my SIL's fairy and really like that one too. I'll post her soon.
I'm off to make one of those fortune teller paper origami things. Been coming across mention of them alot lately so I'm listening to whatever and making one again. Have a great evening.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Friday. I didn't leave the house today. Not even to bring the mail and paper inside. I made a polymer clay covered letter opener (2 actually, but one didn't go well). I also painted this pic that I sketched out the other night. I really like it. I love the bright orange flower and the look of the girl being completely consumed with the flower. I love it when I can get really involved with whatever I'm trying to do. No distractions, just focused wonderment. It doesnt seem to happen very often with the world pulling you in so many directions all at once, but when it does it is incredible.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I had so much fun today. I went to Ann Arbor and did some Christmas shopping. I bought lots of clay while it was on sale as a nice present for me too. Its nasty rainy and cold and we'll have snow in the morning, but I had a great time out and about.
I was playing with a fairy name generator online. Sorry at the moment cant remember where it was. Anyways, this site gives you a fairy name and a description of your fairy. This one is actually my sis's fairy. I did hers first. Mine is drawn out but not yet painted. I'm not very good at human forms or what not, but I'm pleased with the wings. I hope my sis likes her. Have a terrific Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you all have a moment to think about how truly blessed you are.

Monday, November 19, 2007

The play is finished and I'm feeling relieved and happy. I kept sketching little bits throughout the week but this is the one I finished. I also made my first ATC's using this image. I sketched her out after I had talked to my sis who was having a rough day and not feeling happy with her body, or much else. We've all been there be it an extra few pounds, or a really bad hair day, or a big old zit. Anyways, I added some traits that make my sis special and also a little bit about being happy in your own skin I painted it with thinned acrylics and of course added glitter. I'm very happy with this one.

I spent some of my morning making gift tags using some vintage clip art. My church is putting together a basket for Habitat for Humanity to raffle off. Our theme is wrapping and I'm hoping handmade tags add a special touch to our offering. It was fun to embellish with special papers. I need to get some fibers or ribbon to finish them.

It sure is nice to have a lazy morning after being so stressed. I'm actually excited about teaching my lessons tonight too. That is a sure sign that my anxiety/depression is on its way out.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

I'm hanging in there by a very fine thread. Todays sketch worked its way out of me yesterday. It sums up how I feel better than anything else. I may not be posting again until Monday. Tomorrow will depend on how the day progresses. Thurs. is dress rehearsal which goes way past my bedtime and Fri, Sat, and Sun are all performances and I dont think I'll have much time for blogging. I should be very relieved and happy when I return on Monday.
I think I should have added roots of the tree interwoven in my head because its taken over like root systems do.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Music shouldnt be stressful

I've been arranging music all weekend and I'm not done. I'm tired, cross-eyed and really premenstral. Its a fun combination that my hubby has been enjoying today. I was sketching last night on one of my very short breaks from the music and I drew about music not being something that should be stressful. It used to serve as my stress relief! What a bad turn around I'm at right now. As soon as this musical is over I'm going to dive into some good music and make it fun and enjoyable again. I just need to power through this week and get it over with.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Well, I have no art to show today. The HS play I'm accompanying is going very badly and I have to rewrite and learn a bunch of music before opening night less than a week away. I am really ticked off and stressed. I cant believe I let myself get into this situation. I voiced my concerns over a month ago and kept being reassured that things would work out, but the pit band director is now cutting band parts and totally screwing me over. Basically, half of the play is now going to be piano and vocals only. The problem is that I do not have a real piano part, I have a vocal score without even chords. Now I'm really trying to make something up so the vocalists who have worked so hard arent left sounding inadequate. I did do a really cool art journal entry of it last night but I dont have the energy to scan and post it tonight. I'm going to be very scattered until after next weekend. I just hope I can keep my sanity until then.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Today has been a good one. I was able to play and make this pendant before I have to go to drama rehearsal tonight. I really need to get better at soldering, but at least I'm trying. The process was to take words on cardstock, glue them to the back of a flat marble and then solder away. Not to fancy or intense.
I've been really focusing on sketching and doing art journaling lately. This is becoming a wonderful way to get rid of my stress and really delve into what I'm feeling. This pendant sums up what I really have been trying to keep at the forefront of my life: Create, Dream, Play. What can go wrong on a day that you do these 3 things?

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So todays art is something that came about because of the disrespect I'm witnessing towards a very talented artist teacher. These students steal her ideas and sell/teach them as their own and bad mouth the teacher at every given chance. Isnt it funny that they are still taking the class if she is so "lousy"?

I try very hard to be creative on my own terms. If I learn something in a class I usually manipulate the product to my own way, yet I still will say-Yes, this is based off of... I think I'm developing a true resentment of those who steal ideas from others and market it as their own. They may have made it, but if it were not for the teacher giving them every step down to the tiniest detail, they wouldnt be able to glue a postage stamp to an envelope.

Sorry if this offends, but I'm tired and really irritated by this. Dear art teacher-Hang in there. You shouldn't have to put up with these type of people. Copying might be the biggest form of flattery but there are guidelines that any respectable person follows and these have been surpassed to say the least.

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Today was another trying Tuesday. Thankfully I didn't have more than 1 errand to compound my schedule. I find it interesting that although I was in town yesterday and thought I had everything taken care of, I had to go back today for something unexpected. Seems like the best planning seldom falls into place exactly as you would wish.
I was in the office supply store today and found that they make bumper sticker paper that you can use with your home printer. I think this is an awesome idea. Now I just need to narrow down my ideas so my entire car wont be covered with them.
Todays necklace is made of polymer clay leaves cut from a colorblended sheet. I used a real leaf to imprint the veining and manipulated the shape of the leaves to give slight curves. I had the idea for this design and believe it or not, 1 trip to the craft store supplied exactly what I had in mind for chain and jump rings! Amazing don't ya think? I assembled this on my way to southern Ohio last weekend. The colors were peaking and working on this necklace seemed more than appropriate.

Monday, November 5, 2007

I'm back from a very nice anniversary trip. It seems somewhat amazing that we've been married for 11 years. It seems like just a few months ago when we were married. So much has changed yet the important things are still there and in many ways better.

The nutcracker is what I painted and gave C. as an anniversary gift. I still need to put some felt on the base and check a few spots but for the most part he's complete. I got him from Zims crafts. They have lots of cool unfinished nutcrackers. I've done about a dozen of them and they are still lots of fun. This one is somewhat simple, but I thought he was fitting for 2 people who are always on the lookout to enjoy a bottle of wine.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween! I hope all of you have a fun and safe evening. This is my first collage. I hope you like it.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Long day

Tuesdays are always my long day. I attend a polymer clay class and then teach lessons for 4 hours without more of a break than the drive home. Today was unusual in that I had to go to get a shot in the morning and go to a choir rehearsal afterwards. I am beat. That being said, todays pic is of what we did in class. The background is glow in the dark clay.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Life is funny

For the past 2 days I've been feeling great when I start my job. I'm wide awake, ready to face the challenges I might encounter and feeling very confident. Both days I've been surrounded by others who have been either sick or sluggish or just not doing what they're supposed to and it has affected me. I don't like that I've allowed them to "bring me down". I'm not sure how to overcome the negative effect. It seems like I handled it better than I have in the past, but I still need alot of work in this area.

Todays art is my first attempt at both collage jewelry and soldering glass. I used tons of various glitters, quotes and clipart, and acrylic glitter paints. I need to improve my soldering with and iron because the piece is a bit rough. I'm used to using a torch vs. an iron when soldering, and I'm usually working on bigger things. I made it on Sunday and overall I am very happy with the piece.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Party Tonight

So tonight I'll be attending the first Halloween costume party I've been to since college. It's a small gathering but I'm really looking forward to having a good time. I even bought myself one of those sexy costumes. I'm gonna be a German beer maiden.

I had lunch with my Grandma today to celebrate her 79th birthday which was Thursday. My aunt came along and we had a wonderful time. After lunch we went to Kohls to pick up a few things I needed and had so much fun doing something I would usually consider more of a chore. I love it when things like that happen.

Todays art pic is of my 2nd mermaid. I like her better. I made a smaller pattern but used the same concept as the first. I used green pearl clay for her fin and then pressed indents in to look like scales. The mica shift effect really made this pop. I then added some pearlx to make even more contrast and added glitter mainly at the bottom of the fins. I'm not sure where I'm going to hang her yet, but she's gonna stick with me.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Its Friday

I am currently working with the local high school drama troupe on their yearly musical. This year is proving to be especially challenging as the piano score was totally illegible. I am working from a vocal book and making up not only the accompaniment, but also the chords the accompaniment is based on. This is not my specialty in music so I feel very overwhelmed and uncomfortable. If I had a readable piano book I would be just fine, but being classically trained does little for improvisational skills. So that is my challenge. We have just about half a month left and next week I'll miss 2 rehearsals for a short vacation. Hopefully things with the pit band will take shape and smooth out before opening night.

I worked on a Halloween project tonight, but I'm sharing the fairie door I made a while ago. This is mounted to my kitchen cabinets. She is right below the drinking water faucet at my house. She makes me smile. I hope she does the same for you.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

New beginnings

I don't really consider myself all that computer literate. That being said, I've been looking at numerous blogs as daily inspiration for my art. Naturally the urge to try my hand at blogging has taken form so here I am.

I love being creative. My favorite mediums are glass, beads, polymer clay and paints. The picture is of an outlet cover I made in polymer clay following the inspiration of Christie Friesen. Its in my dining room. Its been up for about a month now and everytime I see it I smile.

Today I've been working on a second mermaid after being inspired by

She published a pattern and I thought it'd be cool to make one in polymer. I did one straight from her pattern last night. I embellished with glitter, embossing powder, and pearlx mica powders. I coated it in a thick layer of UTEE to give a great glass sheen to the little gal. Here's how she turned out.

Today I've made my own smaller pattern using the same concept to make a paper doll like mermaid. She's not quite done yet but is looking fab.

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