Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Busy busy

Edited to add that Janet won my birthday drawing and received the polymer lion. Congratulations to my lovely blog friend and thank all of you for stopping by and the well wishes.

Life has been really busy lately. Its not bad, just a bit different for me. Things for the loan are done and approved and we'll sign the papers on Friday so that means hopefully the piano will go out next week to begin the restoration. I've also been playing the doctor shuffle and going for lots of tests. I'm confident that nothing super bad is going on, but they need to check something and make sure its still ok. Hopefully after todays test and the follow up visit life can return to normal.

The recital I hold for my students yearly performance is Friday so I've been busy perfecting everyones songs and easing their nerves. I finished teaching last night and I am free from lessons until my piano returns hopefully close to Labor day. Mentally it will be wonderful to be away from teaching, but financially I'll have to be more careful than I have been lately. Again, this isn't a bad thing, just different.

In preperation for the piano to be moved, I've been cleaning and organizing my office. This is a monster task as I'm far from an organized person. I bought some inexpensive storage units and assembled them to line one wall of the office, and sorted through my stacks of stuff. Its looking really good in there. I actually wanted to spend my evening in there and laid on the futon and read a book for a bit last night. Its amazing that I didn't think the mess of that room bothered me, but now that its all neat and arranged, I absolutely love it. I sure hope I can keep on top of things and keep it nice.

So my exciting news is that I'll be starting harp lessons the last week of May. I've commited to 3 months of lessons and rental. I figure by that time I'll know for sure if I want to continue to persue learning another instrument. I've wanted to learn the harp for about 10 years, but just recently found the opportunity to rent an instrument. It seems like this was meant to be considering that my piano wont be here for the summer and I was worried about how I would deal with that. I played the organ for a wedding last Friday and they had an aunt perform a harp solo in the ceremony. It was really beautiful and made me even more eager to begin my lessons.

My softball league started up last week. We played a fun game against the team we lost the championship to last year. We won and it was a very sweet victory. I was catching and every throw they made to me when there was a runner trying to score I was able to tag them out. It was a good fielding day for me. I didnt hit so well, but it was the first game so hopefully I'll get back in the groove. I at least got on base and scored twice. It was fun and that is the only reason I play. FUN!

The 2 pendants pictured today are made of polymer clay. I have tons of molds that I have made from many buttons and charms. We made these pendant together in class so I also had access to some other molds. Anyways, we pushed the clay in the molds and then sat them on a sheet of clay in a pleasing arrangement and then cut out the shape we wanted. We filled in any open space with little balls of clay to make it appear more complete. I did the orange one in class, but wanted to see what an all frog one would look like. I used a color to imitate jade for the frogs. I actually like the orange one better, but the frogs are cool too.

Thanks for all the birthday wishes. I had a wonderful birthday complete with a trip to a winery and finding a hopping dog birthday party in full swing. To say that I had fun would be such an understatement! I'm sorry this post is so scattered, but that seems to be how life is at the moment. It keeps things new and unexpected and makes for some fun and interesting times. I hope you are all doing well and experiencing lots of joy in your lives.


  1. thank you for your lovely comments :o)
    how exciting to be trying the harp - just a beautiful instrument! happy strumming!!

  2. me again - i guess you don't strum a harp... duh! happy plucking? harping? whatever one does to a harp :o)

  3. aloha AB..
    I think playing the harp is a wonderful exploration into music. For me, it was a simple oricina. I love guitar too, but Im not very good with
    I hope all goes well at the doc and things look wonderful and bright for summer coming.. Hit a few balls for me :)
    Peace and light, Kai

  4. Ooo playing the harp sounds interesting! And your two pendants are absolutely stunning! I actually thought it was something you bought!


  5. The harp!! How exciting. Harp music is usually so soothing.

    I love that orange pendant!! You are an amazing artist with clay!

    PS - did you get my thank you email? I just love my little lion. It's right at home in my studio.

  6. I love the way the polymer clay pieces came out.
    How exciting to learn to play the harp! I wanted to when I was a little girl, but piano lessons were the only thing available then - and though I did love playing, I've never really felt all that confident about it, and only play on rare occasions for myself. I love listening to my husband play his classical guitar, and recently asked him if he'd teach me - I'm not too sure how well that will work out - I'm rather a wimp when it comes to my fingers.
    Good luck with all the tests - I hope everything goes well for you!

  7. Hi
    Wow you are busy!!!!Hope the tests show that you're healthy and strong!!!You have alot going on. I love your clay pieces. (Saw the lion on Janet' cool)Also happy that your work's in Motherhennas Inspirational card deck.Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my blog.
    love harps!

  8. Happy Belated birthday!Thirty five was a pivotal year for me, but a memorable birthday. I think it's wonderful you're learning a new instrument!

    I just love it when a mess is cleaned up, but often close a blind eye while I'm in creative mode! I could totally relate to you reading in that room now that it's clean! Hope your health finds you well!

    Hugs Giggles

  9. Can't remember if I stopped to thank you for stopping by my blog?

    Sometimes I come here and either I get interupted or the computer acts up etc. So hopefully this will post.

    I really like harp music. What fun to get to learn how to play a new instrument.

    Like the art you've been creating!

    The treatments are getting harder for my son but he was finally feeling better yesterday.

    God Bless Your Creative Life!!!

  10. Oh you a re up to alot of fun things and busy things. Well, I hope all your doctor findings turn out more than okay.

    Life has been busy here too!! I am sooo excited for your harp playing! Happy Saturday!!

  11. I hope all your tests turned out well; it sounds like your're going to be the cause of some lovely beautiful music. I wish you were right here in beautiful Between Ga, among the willows by our pond,playing your harp...

    Oh! I've tagged you, with a meme I received from Violette, so if you have time, check out the rules on my blog.



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