Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Birthday Giveaway

I love my birthday.
I celebrate it in a big way every year.
Craig and I take a short vacation, this year we went to Grand Rapids, MI and visited breweries.
6 breweries in 3 days.
We have fun.

I also have a family picnic.
This is the official first day of "Sangria Season"
This was celebrated on Sunday
and although we picniced inside due to more rain, it was a great day.

I also like to give something away on my birthday.
I give to charity, and as gifts I ask for donations to my favorite charity, the Breast Cancer 3 Day.
I sometimes donate blood but I'm off schedule for that and can't this year.
This year I'm giving something away on my blog.
This box. 
 And maybe something else, but its still being finished.
**edited 11:37, yes, that something else is finished and pictured at the end of the post**
So, if you'd like to help me celebrate my birthday, leave me a comment here.
Or like Artbrat's Bits & Pieces on facebook and leave me a comment on my wall.
If you do both, I'll enter your name in the hat twice.
I'll draw a winner on Saturday at noon so you'll have til then to be entered.
(and if the something other turns out, I'll edit this page with the 2nd giveaway)

I hope you have a wonderful day!
This little fishy with the big bulging eyes serves no purpose other than making someone smile.  I love his big eyes!  This will be the other giveaway.  I think I'll draw 2 names so I can spread the joy and fun a bit further. 
Good luck!


  1. I love your artwork, Brandy! It is unique, like you.

  2. Happy Birthday!!!! When was it?? You know Stephanie just had a birthday Saturday and mine was Thursday. I didn't know we had so many Taurus's in our little group :) yay! haha

  3. Add another Taurus. Mine is the 10th :) Happy Birthday chicky, and your fishy is ADORABLE btw.

  4. And what a great idea to have a giveaway for your birthday! Mind if I play copy cat?

  5. Happy , happy, happy Belated birthday :D

    I'm a pisces - so I guess that means fishy has to come live with me! :D Wha? Worth a shot?

    Sounds like you had an amazng time - that would be my OH's idea of Heaven all those breweries :P

  6. woot woot happy birthday, brandy !
    Love the box and the cute fishy !
    Thanks for the give-away!
    Enjoy your special day !

  7. Happy birthday! I also like to celebrate my own birthday by having a giveaway. Spreading the love and the joy... so much fun.
    Love the box and the fishy is so cute!

  8. Glad you had a great birthday Brandy... another pisces here so..it's a toss up Carmen!! think little Fishy should come live here...lol.. so cute.. I love those eyes... the box is gorgeous too.. Thanks for the chance to win one of your pretties...
    will have to copy this idea for next year.. it's a great idea..

  9. Happy Birthday. Its my birthday month too.

    I've come across to look at your blog from Queen Of Arts.

    Love love love your art! :)

  10. Wow, that t shirt you got in the mail is awesome! So are your boxes. Sorry I missed that one! Happy Birthday!


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