Saturday, January 28, 2012

Beer Bottle Cap Backsplash

I saw this idea on pinterest and thought it looked cool.  Didn't really think to much more about it.  Then my hubby went on a business trip the same week that some stressful/bad things happened and I was needing some distractions. 

I started the week by ripping up all the carpet in our bedroom to reveal a tired, wood floor.  Eventually we'll refinish it, but for now we're ok with some throw rugs over the worst of it and living that way.  That project went much smoother than I could imagine so my mind ran to find something else to focus on.

The bottle cap backsplash took control in my mind.  After doing some measuring and seeing that I had the perfect piece of plywood to base it on, I poured out the beer caps we've been collecting for years and spread them out.  I would have just enough!!!  So, some mastic, grout and lots of time and work, here is what happened.

I still need to wipe off another layer of the grout haze and then seal it, but I love it.  I suprised my hubby and he likes it too!  It wasn't the easiest project I've taken on, but it was really worth it!  What do you think?

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