Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dad's Birthday

This painting was done for my Dad's birthday. This photo is of him and me a LONG time ago. It has always been his favorite. I really struggled trying to think of something to give him this year, and then I thought I'd try to paint a version. You can see my painting on the left and the photo on the right. I'm not really great at painting people, but I was really happy with how this turned out. Dad seemed to really love it and that's really all that matters.

Well, it seems I've been a very bad blogger and not posting in a long time. I've been busy enjoying my summer. My harp lessons are going well and thankfully I'm improving quickly. I don't feel quite so uncordinated now, but I still cant play what I want to since I'm still learning. Its definetly been a good thing to do, and I think it'll help my teaching when my piano students return in the fall. I know fully remember what its like to be brand new to an instrument.

My piano is progressing nicely according to my last report. The soundboard is in good shape, so I'll come in under the estimated cost! Wonderful news. I'm anxious for its return. I find myself walking into my office and wanting to just play and not having it there is so sad.
In other summer activities my softball team is doing well, we're tied for first and we're still having fun. My art has been a little slow. I had a week of not being inspired to do anything. I think that has passed now. Maybe I just needed a short break. We went to the Ann Arbor Art Fairs this week and saw so many great artists. What talent all gathered together.
I'm off to run errands. Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. Aloha AB,
    wow oh wow, that's such a lovely gesture of love to paint the folks you love..Dad's are special and you've definitely captured a special moment.
    Peace, Kai x

  2. WOW ~ Your painting is excellent , I think you did a wonderful job.

    Happy to hear that your harp lessons are going well.

    ~ Blessings ~

  3. That is truly special. You did a lovely job and the fact that your Dad loves it says it all!!! I have a framed picture of my Dad and I when I was young. It is special to me because he gave it to me!

  4. Amazing portrait. Its so so heart warming :)
    ENJOY your summer, don't blog, have fun. I LOVE seeing that.

  5. You are so, so, so wrong! You are wonderful at painting people. This painting really touches me. It is lovely. Your dad must be so happy to have you for a daughter.

  6. OH WOW! It's Beautiful!

    GOD Bless You and Yours
    and Your Creative Life!!!

  7. Oh WOW!! What a wonderful painting - and what a great gift idea. The photo of the two of you was adorable, and your painting captures it so well!
    Glad your summer is going well - enjoy!


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