Saturday, July 26, 2008

Glitter Toes

Craftyhala came up with the grand idea of having a "Glitter your Toes Day!" and picked out today to do the sharing. If you go to my sidebar I'll guess that many of the Glitter Power Sisters are doing the same.

I'm off to do route safety on a training walk for the MI Breast Cancer 3-Day walk. If you're not familiar with these walks, they are 3 day walks that cover 60 miles in total. Each walker must raise over $2,200.00 in order to participate. Each year they raise millions of dollars to further research and fund underpriveledged women in getting screened and treated. I have been involved with the walks for 5 years now, and will be on event for my 7th and 8th event in August and September. A very talented quilter from my church made and donated a quilt for me to use in my fundraising. I am selling raffle tickets for the quilt for $2 each, or 3 for $5. If you're interested you can donate online here and then let me know where to mail you tickets.


  1. Love your glittery toes!! They just say summer.

  2. Love the toes and I love the color. It makes me want one of those vanilla/orange ice creams!
    This is like a glitter toe swap!
    Thanks for playing along!

  3. your glittery toes look marvelous! You'll be the best looking toes anyways on your safety run!

    love, violette

  4. Love the glittering color!
    I'm late to the party, but I finally got my toes glittering.
    Good luck with the walk - that's such a cool thing that you're doing, Brandy!

  5. Cute toes! Hoe the safety run went well.

  6. Hey girl. Nice toes! Good luck on your walk. Commendable thing to do. I scrolled down and checked out your rock climbing pics. Memories......I've done that. But the highest I've rapelled is Kings Mt. in NC. Not a very big mountain. Memories... xoxoxo

  7. Love those toes!!!

    Oh what a great thing to do and how HAPPY I am that you and your sister are smiling BRIGHT today!

    OO, that quilt ...what a beauty, but NOTHING can be more beautiful than the power of sisterhood!

    xo, Monica :):):)

  8. Best of luck with the walk!

    We'd love it if you'd share photos and/or videos on the official Breast Cancer 3-Day Flickr group, YouTube channel, Facebook fan page or MySpace page.


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