Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Mother Henna's Hero/Shadow Collaboration

I've been struggling making my submission for Mother Henna's latest artist collaborative project. I had many things cross my mind while I considered my interpertation of both a hero and a shadow. At first, I really thought I would push myself and try my hand at a typical comic book style. I even went out and purchased my very first comic books. Well, after really digging deep and doing some further reading, I changed my mind.
I researched the shadow archetype quite a bit and the thing that kept grabbing me was that we all need to face our demons in order to conquer them and live a more fully developed life. I have faced a few of my demons, but know that I have many more to confront. My shadow art depicts me "uncovering" a demon. The text on the art says "Reveal your shadow, Acknowledge it and Heal." I think acknowledgement over conquering is more of what we must do. Our demons never really go away. We simply learn how to live with in a way where we know our weaknesses and can work around them, or even sometimes use these weaknesses to become better in certain areas of our life. I know I have used some of my "demons" that I have dealt with to help other people going through some of the struggles I've already faced. All aspects of our life, both we deem good or bad can be useful if we learn how to approach them.
My Hero art depicts women in my family. Four generations worth of feminine willpower, strength, courage, compassion, hope and most of all unsurpassed love. Each of these women contribute different attributes that, when combined, form the greatest hero one could ever hope to encounter. The main transfer picture is of my Grandmother, the head of the family. She has lived a life full of trials and tribulations. She has shown me that you can smile and find the good if you dig deep enough. She's also shown me that you're never to old to have fun and be silly. (Notice her wax lips in the picture!) Underneath Gramma is the group of us at our annual family "girls weekend". (Lots of wax lips donned for this pic) These women support me through good and bad and I know that they are always there when I need them. That's what being a hero really is. Good times OR bad, they share your life and make it a divine adventure.
This project did not come easily for me, but I met my deadline and sometimes that's what life is all about. Pulling through and getting what needs to be done- done. No matter what struggles you face.


  1. YES!!!!!!!!!!!! I love these, Artbrat, and cannot wait to see them in person and then in the graphic novel book :) Thanks much -- and I'll add this link as a preview on the collaboration post...miracles! k-

  2. Aloha ArtBrat,
    that's quite a story..and the art is wonderful..
    happy earth day,
    peace, Kai

  3. Really, really good post, girl! You show great depth and understanding, and lots of soul and compassion. Especially the shadow post. xoxoxo


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