Saturday, May 30, 2009

Enjoying life

My heart has not been in this blog lately. I've been spending my time playing music and doing art instead of talking or sharing either. I actually have been doing lots and enjoying life so I'm not going to stress about a mismanaged blog.
I finished off my piano teaching "year" with the student recital and all in all it went well. I had 2 students who could have done better, but they did ok. One poor girl had a terrible memory blank but was able to get back on track, finish her first song and then perform her second flawlessly. I was so very proud of her. That is the hardest part of recital time for me. I really want all my students to have a good experience and it usually turns "bad" for 1 student a year. I can tell them that its happened to me before and share my horror experiences, highlight the good things they did, but its hard for me to get them not to focus on the mistakes they made. It is part of being a musician and they need to learn these things on their own but I always fear that it will put them off music and that would break my heart.
I'm gearing up to participate in 2 "Breast Cancer 3 Day Walks" this summer. We're going to Cleveland end of July/August and then doing Michigan 2 weeks later. My "Breast Cancer Pirate" was created in honor of our Cleveland Route Safety team. We are doing a pirate theme this year and having lots of fun designing costumes and thinking up piratish ideas that will make the walkers smile and brighten their long journey. Everyone needs to "protect and treasure their chests!" So please remember to do your monthly exams and your suggested mammogram screenings. Early detection saves lives.
My second piece of art was created as a possible baby shower gift for a second cousin who I don't really see now that we're all adults. I've never even met his wife! (Big families are like that which is so weird after being close through your childhood). Anyways, their registry was mostly filled and I truly couldn't afford the things that were left unpurchased. I think-if the pictures I used are fairly recent-the man and woman resemble the couple. I am nervous to give this to them, but I'm going to do it. I sure hope that if they hate it they at least dont tell me!
I dont have much more to share today. I'm working at a Breast Cancer Poker Run today. I've never been to one of these and am looking forward to seeing some old friends there. It looks to be a gorgeous weekend here and I hope all you have an equally nice one. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Aloha :)
    ...oO(on the red wing thing, I cheer for both teams..we are in Detroit again for the plane races in 2 weeks and just miss seeing a game..) Go wings!
    peace, kai

    ps..dont tell Mr

  2. OH! They will love it, I am sure!
    I know I would!!! What a beautiful
    thoughtful gift!

    Love both the art pieces you
    have created. Such a cleaver
    idea to treasure your chest!!

    Of all things my word verification
    is Lumpla the second time around.
    I didn't notice what the first one
    was when I previewd it before edit.

    God Bless You and Yours!!!


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