Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Breast Cancer 3 Day Cleveland 2009

I spent a wonderful weekend working as a route safety crew member for the Breast Cancer 3 day event in Cleveland. If you've never heard of, seen or participated in one of these events I suggest you have a look for yourself. If you're close to an event think about going out and cheering for the walkers. If you want a personal physical challenge consider trying to walk 60 miles in 3 days. If you want to help find a cure commit to fundraising and walking for the cure. If you cant do any of these things, consider giving a small donation to someone who is taking on the journey of their lives. The events truly are life-changing in so many ways I'm not sure where to start. They not only support a cause I feel strongly about, they show you the true goodness that lies within everyone. Every 3 day event I have ever done exemplifies the way each of us wants to live their life. Kindness, love and helpfullness shine out in a magnitude that just isn't witnessed in our normal lives.
My top photograph shows most of the route safety team. We decided on a pirate theme and had a great time telling bad pirate jokes to make the walkers smile. As you can see we really got into the costumes this year with cool pirate skirts that even the guys were willing to wear. Fancy pirate hats covered our bicycle helmets (although the motorcyclists couldn't do this!) Our job on the event is to help make sure walkers are safe when they cross through busy intersections. You would think a mass of 1000 walkers would be visible to drivers, but its amazing how distracted some of them can be. (Especially those driving, eating, and talking on the phone :(
The walkers walk about 20 miles each day. There are pit stops where they can get snacks, water and gatorade, and medical help, and of course there's always a long row of porta-potties every 2.5 to 3 miles. The walkers and crew eat lunch in one of the biggest picnics you'll ever see. Its always amazing to see the community support along the route as little kids pass out lemonades, freezer pops, ice, candy, and make great supportive posters, or simply set out a sprinkler for the walkers to cool off in. Its also very
emotional to see survivors out with signs thanking the walkers for their work and fundraising.
My second picture is our camp. Thats right, we stay in a sea of pink tents, shower in the back of a special semi-trailer, eat lunch under the biggest tent I've ever seen, and can even get massages, watch tv, send emails, or shop at camp. Of course there are also the fine people who man the medical tent and keep everyone healthy.
The 3rd picture is of the flag raising at the closing ceremony. At this point a small circle of survivors clasp hands and raise them in victory surrounding a flag that states "A world without breast cancer". I truly cannot express the emotions experienced at closing ceremony. It is something someone can talk about in detail and until you attend one you just dont get it.
My last picture is of my friends Amy and Rob, and that is Craig and I in the middle. I am truly blessed by a husband who supports the Breast Cancer cause just as much as I do. It is so much fun to be on event with him and work together in a small way that just might someday lead to a world where our neices can grow up without seeing their friends and family suffer from this horrid disease.

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  1. Kudos to you for participating. We have a walk here also. So many people participate. It's wonderful to see the support. xoxo


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