Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Nook's new home

I love the grafitti ipod cases that Violette shared in a tutorial a while back. I really didn't need an ipod cover but the project kept creeping back into my mind. I finally realized that I could modify it a bit and put it to good use as a cover for my Nook. I was lucky enough to receive the Nook as a Christmas gift and had been looking for a carrying case, but they've been slow to release accessories to it in the stores. They had covers available online, but I wanted to touch and feel before I selected. Anyways, I had some scraps left over from a white sheet I had cut apart and made into a skirt so I slathered a bunch of paint on top of that to form my base. I tried looking for a quote about books and reading that grabbed my attention, but I came up short. I was trying to figure out what it is I love about reading and this phrase popped into my mind and I chose to use it. "A good book lets your imagination grow." I love that I can get lost in a book. All my troubles and worries take a break and there is just the story. Its such a nice reprieve sometimes.
By the way, I absolutely love my Nook. It is lightweight, very easy on the eyes when reading, and the biggest plus, has gotten rid of the stacks and stacks of read books that I usually have lying around the house.
I wanted a soft lining to help protect the screen of the nook and I had some furry/fluffy fleece in my scraps that would not only be soft on the screen, but would also add a bit of padding to protect from bumps while traveling with the Nook. My sewing skills are pretty non existent as you can see my the uneven seems and the wonky angles. I'm gonna say that it all adds to the quirky charm of the piece. I just really don't get bothered by such things anymore. I added some painted flowers, some rhinestone flowers and butterflies, sewed on some velcor to clasp it shut for added security and trimmed the flap with some green bubble tassling I had laying around. It was fun to see that I made this entire thing without a trip to the store and I love this case much more than anything I could have purchased. Thanks Violette for the inspiration!

I did all the painting on this project outside at the patio table adjacent to my rose garden. It was that one week where the first blooms explode from all the bushes and its an amazing array of color and scent. It was so nice to create right next to natures masterpiece. (Fozzy was my little helper throughout the project)


  1. I think that your sewing skills are just fine. I still have the journal travel case you made me a while back and I carry it everywhere.

  2. LOVE your Nook cover. It's juicy delicious, as Violette would say. xoxoxo

  3. Wow.....is this ever gorgeous!! Is that your handwriting on it....oh my gosh......it is so beautiful. You're so talented Brandi.......i love your version of the case. Perfect!

    Love, Violette

  4. Love your blog. I have a Nook also, and made my own cozy very similar to yours a while back. Much prettier and cheaper than what they sell at B&N.
    See you over at Suzi's


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