Monday, April 25, 2011

A Package!!

Dont you just love getting packages in the mail?  It has to be one of my favorite things, especially if I am not expecting something (or simply have forgotten about it!)  Heck, I even adore it when I know its coming, and I'm waiting for the delivery man, bouncing around with excitement chanting "where are you?  where are you?  O, come on and freakin get here!!".  There is something so much fun about tearing a package open and getting at what's inside.  (Can you tell I'm gearing myself up for my birthday where I get SHINY packages all wrapped up for me!!) 
I received a terrific package in the mail a few weeks ago (shame on me for just now getting around to sharing it.  Time has been flying and I've been busy.)  This package came from Cat and was part of her One World, One Heart giveaway.  Cat also blogs with her sister Cricket  here.  Both blogs are beautiful.  Full of wonderful images and thoughtful words.  I hope you'll take a moment and explore both of the links.  I find myself visiting them often.  When I won, Cat asked what I'd like to receive.  I looked through those blogs and etsy shops and just loved everything so I pretty much told her that and asked her to suprise me.  I gotta say, she did a superb job of picking.  I absolutely love this tank.  The sentiment expressed on the back is so much how I want to live my life.  (Somedays I do better at staying true to this than others.  Hey, I'm a work in progress.)  I've never seen the brand Love this Life before, but you can be sure I'll be looking into getting more from them.  Thank you so much Cat.  I couldn't love it more.  Tanks are my summer staple and I cant wait for it to warm up here so I can wear this!  She also included a lovely "live large"card and a fun chalkboard heart ornament that will soon hang in my kitchen so I can leave love notes to my hubby, or just remind myself that I am out of milk. 

Thanks again Cat!  I love it!!!  And thank you for stopping by for a visit.  I hope your week is off to a great start.


  1. That vest is just gorgeous! Extremely jealous! Another here who lives in them all summer!

  2. i love tank tops.

    i have a bit of a uniform and i don't vary.

    tank top (grey or red. that is is. one or the other)
    neon sports bra

    plastic shorts that used to be pants which were not plastic. they became plastic from my wiping gluey painty hands on them all year long.
    as first rites of spring, i cut the bastards into shorts

    cowboy boots (purple. because purple is lucky, duh.)

    nothing else.
    that's it.

    so i understand your love of the tank top.

  3. also.

    i'm real happy that you titled the post
    'a package!'

    it brings penises to mind and that is a good thing.


  4. what a sweet package to receive.. I love that tank top.. have never heard of them either.. but I love that verse.. lucky you! will definitely go check out their blogs.. when are you leaving again???

  5. it :)

  6. i just wrote you a really long reply to your comment. Only to realize that you show up as a no-reply.

    all of my words are now lost forever.

    bascially i just need your email address.
    mine is:

    later gator.

  7. Cheers to loving snail mail/packages!!!!

    Plus that tank top really does rock, as does your blog here! So much colorful, creative much talent!!!

  8. You are too sweet girl.. I am glad you liked it!!!
    So..when's the bday?


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