Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Birthday Giveaway!

On Saturday I will be 35. Most of the time I dont feel like that is possible. It seems like it was just yesterday I was finishing up graduate school, enjoying being a newlywed when in actuality it was over a decade ago! I look in the mirror and see the beginning of wrinkles and gray hairs that have escaped the coloring at the salon. Although I'm not so thrilled about the physical changes age is making, I love my life right now. I'm blessed to still do many of the things that have always brought me great enjoyment and I'm also more open to new adventures and ideas than I ever have been before. I am able to embrace those special moments with friends and family in a much more relaxed manner now, and truly appreciate the gift these people are to me. There is a great variety in my days that I love. Part of the new that I have come to love is blogging and finding a great, artistic community right at my fingertips. So, to honor all the visitors who may stop by, I'll be giving away something for my birthday Saturday. If you leave a comment on any of the posts I make starting today until Sunday, I'll draw a name to recieve a special gift from me. I'm not exactly sure what I'm going to giveaway. I'll be thinking that over today, but I hope you will still sign up. Sometimes surprises are the best.


  1. I know how you feel. I turned 30 last October and it seems that just a few months before I was getting ready for 21! Time flies by. I'll be sure to come back later this week for your birthday wishes... ;-)


  2. I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

  3. Oh, that's so sweet. Giving someone else a gift on your birthday.

    At 35 you have just gotten a good start! Relax and enjoy the ride because it only gets better.

  4. WOW, i was in awe of your girl time, what fun!!!! I was afraid with you, ie your breast lumps, i am SO glad everything is ok, and i was smiling when i saw your birthdya is coming up. happy birthday week!!!!
    thank you so much for your support. i truly appreciate you

  5. Hi! I would love to receive something from you! As to age, well, it's relative. I'm 65. My baby is three years your senior. I don't think age, really makes a difference, other than when you're older everything takes longer, but you slow down and have more time, too. I sometimes think to myself that I just can't possibly where I am. My head feels about body about 60, but that's ok, too. Live, love, laugh, and be happy!! Happy birthday Saturday!

  6. Happy birthday!! I am sooo with you!! Even though a few lines are peeking out, there is a sense of calm and peace.... And mind you, I don't think they are wrinkles ;) I think they are expressions lines... I am told there is a huge difference between the two ;) (I looove that idea)


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