Friday, April 11, 2008

Music therapy and an art submission

I did it! I mustered up the courage to submit some art for a magazine challenge. I feel like this is a huge step for me. Its totally fine if nothing comes out of it, but I thought about the challenge, formed my idea, created it, and then did the entire submission process which really isn’t that hard, but had me a little stressed. My art was knee socks for the Belle Armoire challenge. I really want to post the picture of them, but I’m unsure of all the legal parts of that. Is it allowable to post something that you’ve submitted? If anyone knows, please inform me.

In other things life has been ok. I got the $ total for the piano restoration and that was a bit of a shock. It was quite a bit more than I was prepared for. I’m diligently trying to not freak out over that fact. Some moments I even succeed. The symphony last weekend was delightful. It was just what I needed to inspire me. I wish I could capsulate the beauty of the symphony-the whole experience-and open it whenever. I guess then it wouldn’t be so special and would turn into something I take for granted. I also attended an organ recital early in the week. I am an organist, not a very good one, but quite adequate for church music, but I really don’t “love” the organ. I play it because I was a pianist who got asked to do it in high school and has stuck with it and learned the pedaling and such. I find organ concerts tend to give me headaches because of the sheer volume of the instrument. Anyways, the recital was nice and it was rewarding to hear a true organist play with such skill and poise. Attending concerts is my own form of “music therapy” which makes my world such a nicer place.

This weekend is fun, fun, fun as the women of my family gather in a hotel for an overnight adventure. Food, fun, wine and just being surrounded by immeasureable love make this overnight the very best night of the year. I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

OK, todays art. “Focus” was painted after really struggling with my migraines last week. I woke up the morning after a bad one and this came out. Its dark and not very detailed, but something in it speaks of how I feel when I’m experiencing those darn things. Edited: I went back and found Miss KoolAid's art that she left a comment about and I am shocked to see my subconscious immitated her. I hope she takes this as a form of flattery because I certainly didnt mean to copy her. Heck, I can barely remember what I ate for lunch today let alone something I looked at months ago.

The mixed-media collage will be a gift to my aunt. She is attending a womens retreat next weekend. As part of the weekend they asked family members to send in letters saying how that person is important, or great memories with that person, etc. I don’t feel that I’m such a great writer, so I started making her this art instead. She loves kids although she never had any of her own and I included my niece and nephew with her in the art since she loves to single them out at family events and play with them. I used silk flowers, polymer clay (for the flower centers), my paintings of the people, book pages, acrylic paint, and I coated it in beeswax which was really fun to work with.
OK, this is on the long side and I’ve gotta get busy making something. Have a great weekend and be kind to everyone.


  1. The mixed media piece is beautiful. I'm sure she'll love it.

    A couple months ago I made one of my Daily Art Card after feeling a lot of pain in my hands. Your FOCUS spread reminds me of it. It seems we have the same way to visually describe our pain.

    Have fun this weekend!


  2. Good luck on your art submission. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you and think positive. I wish I could hear you play...piano music is a fav of mine. That, and classical guitar. Maybe you could make a UTube someday! Good your piano is getting fixed. I can tell it's in your heart.

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  4. Very pretty art, I love how it looks like the sun is shining through the word "focus", beautiful colors too! Good luck on your submission!

    I know that Violette is asked not to post things she's submitting to magazines or for books. So I imagine the same will hold true for your piece. I have also heard that certain publishers won't take writing submission previously posted on blogs. So you probably made a wise choice not to post it!

    Good luck I hope you get some positive response. But don't be discouraged by any rejections either, it's part of the process....I hear 20 or more rejections for writing is the norm.....not sure how it works with art. Keep creating those beautiful pieces!

    Hugs Giggles


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