Friday, April 25, 2008

Ladies of the family

The ladies of my family on my dads side have one night a year where we all get together for a little girl time. We've done this for 5 or 6 years now. We started out staying at one of the aunts houses, but now we rent some adjoining rooms in a hotel. (That way no one is stuck with major clean up the next day!) This overnight has turned into such a wonderful celebration for all of us. Its fun to see all of us doing goofy things. We have aunts, great aunts, and of course Gramma. Gramma is the biggest instigator for doing fun and wild things. She is the one in the white long sleaved shirt-front row. You should have seen her having a field day playing with those wax lips. Our tradition is we order pizzas and make the delivery boy (Its always been a boy) take our picture so we have one of the whole group. Then we throw him a wildly large tip and kick him out. It is a girls night after all. We have developed the habit of gifting each other on this special occassion. The matching pink/lavendar sweatshirts were done by my mom, sis and I a few years ago. Aunt Brenda made us all coordinating pj pants this year. We each also recieved a handkerchief that Gramma hand crocheted an adging on, a cute little bear with his own tiny quilt sewn by Aunt Bev, a nice cushy pair of socks from Great Aunt Nancy, wax lips from mom, and other various little things. This year I made everyone angels because the women in my family really are some of my angels. This tradition has become one of my favorite nights of the year. I wish that everyone could experience something like this. I know a group of the Glitter Power sisters recently met up and did their 2nd gathering which is wonderful. Why not give it a go for yourself? Gather up some family, or friends, or your very best blogging buds and set something up. Life is so much richer when we allow ourselves the luxury of time well spent.

I had a scary week of waiting that is blessedly over in a great manner. Last week while I was at a gynecologist for a different problem, she felt a lump in my breast and scheduled me for a mammogram and ultrasound. Everything is ok, but it sure was scary, especially when they called me back from the waiting room to do more mammogram films. I am very thankful for the support and comfort my friends showed me through the week. Thank you.


  1. What a great idea and what fun you must have all had! Love the little angels.
    I didn't know about your scare -and I do know how scary that is, been there before and what a relief, when it finally turns out ok - I'm really glad that everything turned out ok for you!

  2. What a joyful celebration of family and creative soul sisters!! Love the little angels they are so precious! You are so lucky to have this wonderful get together. Those pj's look so cute too! Those lips are so fun! So glad your scare is over and all is well!!

    Hugs Sherrie

  3. It looks like you had an amazing time! I love the bit about the delivery boy! Made me laugh.

    So glad that you are ok. I had that scare a few years back and it is not fun at all.


  4. That's a wonderful tradition , sounds like so much fun. Those gifts will become treasures , never to be forgotten.

    My Mom had 2 of her cousins visit this weekend , they're working on the Family genealogy. I enjoyed spending time with them and learning about our ancestors.

    Happy to hear your test turned out well.

    ~ Happy Hugs ~ JoyceAnn

  5. What an absolutely fun thing to do with your family. Wish my family would do something like that. You can tell you are all all have those big fat red lips! Must be a big fat red lip gene in your family. Grandma is soooo cute! ;) xoxoxo

  6. What a wonderful tradition ... you go girls & I love Gramma she looks a real goer especially with her PJ's and her ruby red lips ... like someone else said the big ruby red lips must be in the genes & so is having a great time especially after your scare ... love the angels too ... they are such a precious gift to give ... OOroo ... Bethel


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