Saturday, June 14, 2008

June Honey Moon

I'm late for the party due to being slow on finishing my art and having commitments for the entire morning, but I have finally arrived for the wedding festivities. Tinker has decided to honor love and marriage by hosting a fun day of memories and sentiments. Can you think of anything better to celebrate on a beautiful June Saturday? The weather here is absolutely beautiful and I'm imagining many young ladies smiling into the sun, dressed in their gorgeous gowns, and laughing with abandon. I was wed in November, and it was the first snowfall of the year. It was just barely coming down and beautiful. I love snow so this seemed like the perfect start to my marriage. We had a 5:30 ceremony in the church I grew up in, and now am the organist for. We lit the aisle candleabras and dimmed the lights. My old piano teacher was our organist and we were surrounded by our friends and family. I married my best friend. We were high school sweethearts. We dated for 6 years, making it through a long distance relationship period while I attended school 500 miles away. We were and are in love. This year we will celebrate 12 years of wedded bliss. Craig always jokes of the importance of us being able to make each other laugh, so my humorous art is in reference to that.

It reads - Having been told to "Marry someone who makes you laugh" She wed the clownfish.

The canvas is covered with torn pages painted with a blue glittery wash of ocean. I painted the mermaid, and fish on cardstock and cut them out like paper dolls.

I also cut out the tiara, top hat and bow tie seperatly and later glued them in place . I used a piece of lace tucked under the tiara for her veil.

I embellished her with a sparkling "diamond" necklace, emerald belly ring and bracelet, and the handsome groom is holding out the diamond ring she will wear to honor their union.

Dont you think the groom looks very handsome? He was a nervous wreck before the ceremony, but as soon as she began swimming down the aisle, his face lit up with love for his blushing bride. Have you ever peaked at the groom when he first sees his bride coming down the aisle? Most people miss it because their attention is on the bride. It is usually quite a site to see the look of nerves switch over to complete happiness. I hope you'll take a glance the next time you attend a wedding.

Thanks for stopping by.


  1. You said in an earlier comment, that the mermaid idea might take on a life of its own - and it really DID! I LOVE THIS! What a wonderfully whimsical, creative wedding - I've always wanted to attend a mermaid wedding - and now I can say I have!
    Thank you for dancing (and swimming:) 'neath the June HoneyMoon!

  2. What a romantic tale of love! The artwork was priceless with you and your clownfish. ;) Tink will be thrilled! Cheers to the next 16!

  3. what a fun piece this is! I love it!
    thanks for visiting my blog xo

  4. Oh lala love your art. And the words to go along with it. Thank you for visiting my blog.

  5. You make a Wonderful Mermaid bride!
    Love your art! Makes me happy. Glad you know how to laugh with one another!
    Here's to love and laughter!

  6. A sense of humor in any relationship is essential.....
    How wonderful you married your high school sweetheart, sounds like a great romance.
    Love the art and thestory..clownfish...that was a good one!

  7. How lovely - two weddings here to dream about.

    Your own sounds glorious - how lucky that you met the man for you so early in your life - and recognised it too!

    And your mermaid marrying the clown fish (yes he's quite a dish)... what a lovely couple they make and I love her tiara and other jewellery!

  8. Funny I always said I'd never marry again if I couldn't find someone to laugh with constantly! Wonderful fun post and romantic love story! So glad when people find the kind of love that lasts!

    Hugs Sherrie

  9. Wow!!! This is great!!! Such good advice to marry someone who makes you laugh...and your best friend to boot!!!Love your art!!

  10. I'm sorry I missed the festivities here on Saturday, but so glad to catch sight of the happy couple today! That's so beautiful - and I know they will be very happy together! The jewels are exquisite!

  11. Oh... and yes, I always love to watch for the groom's expression when he catches sight of his bride! No matter what age they are, they often look like nervous, delighted little boys at that moment.

  12. How fun, I agree about the snow.. It's a lovely time of year to be married..
    Peace, Kai

  13. You ARE funny! This is so creative and beautifully done. I would give anything to have your imagination. I especially love all the jewel adornments and the story of your wedding. My husband makes me laugh every single day, even the days that I am mad at him! In one month we'll be celbrating our 25th anniversary, so the humor thing must work.

  14. WoW ~~~ what a wonderful whimsical piece of art you created ~ I love it.
    Hope your summer is full of magical creations !

    ~ Blessings ~


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