Monday, June 2, 2008

The rewards of nature

The neatest thing happened yesterday. I started to work on this garden sign as soon as I got home from church. I found it at the craft store and it had the ugliest picture of a life preserver with the quote "Welcome Aboard" on it, but I loved the idea of painting on a garden stake. I quickly covered up the ugly and started sketching a butterfly. I was using a picture from a magazine I picked up early this spring. I worked on the painting all afternoon while my hubby and FIL worked on erecting a privacy fence. I stopped occasionally to talk with my SIL and nephew, but mostly painted for about 5 hours. It was a beautiful day here and I set up everything at the patio table and enjoyed being out in the sun. Anyways, after working on it all afternoon I was finally finishing up putting the sealer on when a butterfly flew over me and into my garden a few feet away. It was the one and only butterfly I'd seen all day and it landed on my purple weeds that I love and let stay in the garden every year since its a "pretty" weed. I walked over to look at the butterfly and nature rewarded me by sending a real yellow swallowtail to match the one I had just finished. It even landed on the purple flowers like I had put in the background of my painting. What a neat moment. I had to run in the house and get the camera so I wouldn't loose the memory. Even my husband thought it was pretty cool. My heart was so happy with the whole thing.
My piano finally was moved on Friday. It was a moment of mixed emotions watching it being loaded up and leaving. I was sad yet excited at the same time. My harp will be arriving on Wednesday along with my first lesson. I'm hoping that having a new instrument to play with will ease the seperation anxiety of the piano being gone. I'm sure I'll be relaying updates on the piano as they come, and also progress on the harp.
It's going to be another busy week here. I started out by playing a funeral today and have many other tedious things that must be done soon. Luckily there are some fun things thrown in to lighten my days. My nephew graduates from Kindergarten on Friday and I'm going to go watch. I think that will definetly be the highlight of the week. Its such fun to be an aunt! I hope all of you are doing well and having fun. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Aloha,
    what a gorgeous butterfly and beautiful sign.. your talent shines!
    Peace, Kai xx

  2. What luck to see such a beautiful thing happen! And how wonderful that you had time to photograph it! Can't wait to learn about your experience with the harp.

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  4. Lovely piece of art and spiritual happening! So glad you got that photo!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. Life imitates art! Both are very beautiful, and I'm happy you had such a lovely day in your garden. You've inspired me to paint a sign for my garden too. Now I have to go shopping to seeif I can find an ugly one to start with!


  6. What a beautiful painting! You are so talented! You were able to bring beauty to something that wasn't very attractive. Wish i could hear you play the harp!

    love, violette

  7. What a magic thing to happen. Your painting is wonderful - it must have called that butterfly in!


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