Monday, February 21, 2011

Ice, Ice Baby

P2210232 We got our typical late winter ice storm.  It usually happens right after we have a few spring-like days and this year was no exception.  Friday our temps were in the 50’s and this storm came in Sunday afternoon and continued overnight.

P2210233  I’m not sure exactly when it stopped, but it was noisy to listen to as it came down.  Some places even had snow thunder, but I cant say I heard it with this storm. 

P2210247 We are lucky as we haven’t lost power and I am very thankful for that!  I’m also thankful that my hubby could and did work from home today and I was able to reschedule my things and neither of us has had to go out and try to drive on the still very icy roads.

P2210228  So, for us, this storm has delivered a bit of peace and quiet and I’ve quite enjoyed it!


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  1. Blehh... I'm sick of winter. But these are pretty picture ;) I'm living in fear of just that sort of thing happening around here. The daffodils and other bulbs are peeping up and I even have buds on the trees! The birds were chirping this weekend but it is almost inevitable. Old Man Winter will rear his ugly head again one last time.

    I have a giveaway I'm calling "The Sisterhood of The Traveling Book" that you may find is fun, come on by and join in! Your artwork would fit right in :)

    Happy Creating,


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