Thursday, April 7, 2011

self portrait fun and boobies to boot!

I've been working on a journal page for the Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbook.  The Sisterhood is a group of 13 artist who will be mailing our journals to each other over the coming year.  Each of us will do a spread inspired by the current month and in a year we'll all get our sketchbooks back filled with everyones wonderful art.  I've never participated in anything of this manner so I'm really excited and a little intimidated.  My opening journal spread will be color based and an introduction to who I am.  Most people form ideas about me from my pink hair, and I'm ok with that.  It all goes along with not conforming and I expect it.  The page will include this self-portrait with entries of "I am ________, but____________."  I'll share it when I'm finished, but so far just have the background started. Why is it I can always see my mistakes clear as day when I look at a photo of my work, but I can stare at the work itself for hours and not see the same thing?!  Dang oddball lips...

I have a question for all of you.  How do you keep the surrounding pages clean when working in a journal/sketchbook with paint?  I put paper underneath both pages I was working background on and still managed to muck up the next page.  If there is a better way around this I'd appreciate you sharing your tricks.  I'm feeling awful to send not pristine pages to someone.

In other events, I've been slowly working my way toward my fundraising goal of $2,300 for the Breast Cancer 3-Day.  This year I'm trying to do a lot of art/craft commissions, along with CD sales to fund things without asking for straight donations.  I'm doing pretty well and just hope things continue to fall into place for that.  My latest "commission" is a boob scarf.  I was sent a picture and asked if I could make one.  I gotta say, I was super excited to try.

I laughed my way through this project.  Especially after realizing I'd been considering how to make the nipples "hard" for a good 4 hours!  There are just to many thoughts that kept popping into my head.  Anyways, it was lots of fun and I thought they turned out pretty well.


  1. Hey there Brandi ! I am excited about the swap too. I have never done something this "big" in the collaboration department either. I am trying really hard to just be me and not to be intimidated ! I use the same trick you do to protect my "clean" pages while I paint. And yes, sometimes they next pages get slopped on. I am actually a very messy artist ! Just think, then the person getting your book doesn't have to be staring at a blank white page when they get it ! ;)
    Love the boob-a-licious scarf ! Awesome job !
    Happy Thursday, Sistah !

  2. I LOVE your self portrait, and I don't see anything wrong with the lips! I think there's something about seeing your work on the monitor that makes us see things we didn't before- I know I always find things I want to change at that point!
    About protecting the pages, my favorite thing to do is to wrap all pages except the ones I'm working on with plastic wrap- that way, the majority of excess paint goes on the plastic, NOT the pages. I've never done an art journal before either, but I do a lot blank journals for sale and that how I always work to keep them nice and clean to be "sellable", lol!
    Sistahood hugs to you!

  3. Morning.. I love your self portrait.. looks great.. and the booby scarf is too cute.. love it! I haven't started my journal yet.. but good idea on covering the other pages..hadn't thot of that..I like the idea of having a starting spot on the next
    I did post instructions this morning on how to do the tin foil.. hadn't forgotten just haven't been around too much...can hardly wait to see what you do with it...

  4. hahahah Hi Brandi, LOVE your scarf, what a fantastic fun piece!!! :0)

    Great self portrait!! I'm really looking forward to this project and seeing everyones different styles! :0) Great piece!

  5. I'm exactly the same when I see my stuff on the screen. your self portrait is gorgeous though.

    I've done scrapbooky circle journals before but somehow this feels a more intimate thing we're doing as it's drawings and paintings rather than stuck down paper if that makes sense? Am definitely more nervous at this one!

    Booby scarf still makes me titter!

  6. TITTER! Hahahaha - that was so unintentional! *ahem*

  7. Brandy your page is turning out great! I wouldn't worry too much about keeping the other pages in pristine condition... it happens. Besides, the very next set of pages are for words anyway :)

    I love your boob scarf! I'd need about 6 more inches in length to get the effect of gravity... haha! too fun.


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