Friday, April 15, 2011

Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbook

Here's my introductory spread for the "Sisterhood of the Traveling Sketchbook".  This Sisterhood is a group of 13 artists located around the world.  We'll be mailing our books through a chain every month and in a year we'll get our books back filled with all kinds of artistic goodness.  Our theme after the introductory spread is months.  We'll be painting our interpertation of the current month, loosely based.  That means that May, to me is the beginning of "Sangria season", so my spread might just revolve around that instead of a traditional "May Flowers" spread.  Its all open to how we want to interpert the month which I love!  I'm excited to get my journal on its way.  Hopefully it'll mail out tomorrow or Monday.

My first spread we were to use color.  My favorite color is orange.  I love how vibrant and cheerful it is.  The text serves as an introduction, however brief to me so the others involved with this project can get a feel for me.  Its so much fun to "meet" these ladies.  Most of us have just been introduced over the past month or two!  Its always interesting to see how much us artsy types have in common.  Including a serious ZumaBlitz obsession and competition I'm in over my head with against Cam

For my sign in page I had an idea of cutting out butterfly shapes that each person can alter and then attach to the opening page and also the back cover if more space is needed.  I thought we could include all our info either on the butterfly as I did, or surrounding the butterfly on the page.  I hope that's not to quirky for any of the participants.  Once I got the idea in my head there was no turning away from it. 
I can't wait to receive my first book in the mail.  I'm still brainstorming ideas to use for the spread of May.  This is all so exciting!!

Thanks for stopping by.  I hope you're having a beautiful mid-April day!


  1. WOW this is fantastic! I LOVE your sign in page idea!!! How cool!!! And love the use of colour in your first spread. I really like how you've managed to capture your personality with your words as well as your pictures. What a wonderful start to this project can't wait to see what you do in mine :0) oxox

  2. Yes, well. Lets not talk about Zuma - I see you have smashed my top score again. I shall be back tomorrow to have a go at trampling all over yours!

    Got to get going on my spread over the weekend - time is running away with me. Absolutely love yours and also am loving how everyone's is so, so different!

  3. Wow! That's beautiful. Truely. And your words... well, we could be twins. :D

  4. I love it! but you're making me panic with the idea of shipping it out so soon, I know, I know, It's almost time but I can't seem to get my cover done...

  5. Brandy.. this is soooo gorgeous.. I love your sign in page.. brilliant.. and your words and pic are great.. maybe you and Jennifer and I could be can hardly wait to see what you do in mine.. still struggling here with mine..

  6. This is gorgeous- I love your "YOU" page and the sign in butterflies were a brilliant idea- gorgeous, gorgeous, GORGEOUS!
    Yay, I can't wait to get this moving!

  7. I love love love your self-portrait page. It is gorgeous ! And I think the butterfly page will be absolutely gorgeous too. Brilliant idea. I am not quite done my pages as I was on vacation last week and did just a bit of arty stuff but I am so inspired now !
    See you in the round, Sistah !

  8. This is brilliant! I love how you've written your description and your self-portrait is fabulous! It is also very nice to meet a fellow artist who is also a dog mum-me too! This is such a great idea and it'll be so exciting to get the sketchbook back and see what everyone has contributed.

  9. Looking FANTASTIC, Brandy! I can't wait to see all of these in person. I love orange and hot pink together. I love the butterfly idea! xxoo, Jaime

  10. oh I forgot, I've got a great Sangria recipe if you're interested :p

  11. Jaime, I'm always up for a new Sangria recipe. I've got my 2 standbys, 1 red, 1 white, but new is always fun. Please send it my way when you have a moment.

  12. Love your self-portrait and still love your hair. The journal page looks great and cool butterfly idea. By the way I LOVED the boobie scarf...hee hee too cool. And I read your journal page and can relate to alot of it. By the way, I think you are badass...
    Thanks for the great comment on my blog the other day (masks falling away in illness). Thanks.

  13. hi. i spied your hair in the followers photo on carmens blog.
    so i stalked you.
    now, after reading your blog
    and i
    can skip all of the inbetween stuff and go
    Directly to being best friends.

  14. And.
    I just had to come back because,
    like a retard,
    i forgot to click


  15. I got your Art Journal in the mail, Friday. Wow Brandy! It is even more beautiful in person! Happy Easter!


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