Tuesday, January 15, 2008

A fishy girls night

Girls night on Saturday was lots of fun. We had a very nice meal together and then started crafting. I think all the fish turned out well and everyones is a bit different which is always fun. It was a nice way to loosen up and have our hands busy while we caught up with each other.

Sunday I went with our church youth group on their laser tage outing. We played 3 games and had a blast. Its a little hard being one of the adults for that trip as all the kids think its great fun to continually target you. I was just happy to not end up last in any of the games. I finished in the middle everytime. Its really nice to go out with that group of young adults. They are so well behaved and really are fun to be around. Its neat to see how much energy they have and how they spread that enthusiasm to each other.

Before laser tag I joined a large family for their Sunday lunch. My family never did the Sunday lunch thing. The family I joined had about 30 people for lunch. They do this every Sunday (not all of them are there every week, but its always a big group). It was very nice to be invited to this dinner again. I feel very comfortable with them and am in between the ages of the adults and the youngsters so I can be with any of them and have some similar interests. They are a very welcoming bunch. The first time I attended lunch I noticed a wall hanging that said something about never turning anyone away, there's always an extra chair. They truly live that sentiment by not only inviting others to join them, but spreading such a family, welcoming atmosphere. What a lovely family.

I hope that the "fit in, comfortable feeling" is experienced when people come to my house.


  1. Sounds like you had a great weekend! The fishes are all fantastic. Thanks for sharing them with us.


  2. What fun! Cute Fish!!!

    Cute photo of you and
    your husband!!!

    Thanks for stopping by!!!

    Have a Blessed Happy Creative Year!!!

  3. Forgot to tell you dd wants to stay there when her and ddil go to NY together.

  4. Thx for visiting my blog. I love your blogname--"Artbrat" cuz it's cheeky. These fish are really fun! At first I thought they were papier mache but I guess they are fabric? Very cool. I need to make a mobile for my bebe girl and this would be a fun idea, fishies.

  5. Now, these are the kind of fish I'd love to catch! Thank you for stopping by and joining the pink artist community doll proj. I'm delighted you will be contributing a square (ship by Mar 1 to addy on my blog, it's def. not too late). Your square I know will SHINE. xo, Monica


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