Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Well, DH has been away all last week, home for about 36 hours and won't be home til late on Fri. I've been shoved off my normal schedule and its effecting everything. Add to that my walking partner is very sick so I haven't even been doing that. (We've encountered a situation that makes us both very wary of walking alone, and skitish even when we're out together. Better to be safe than sorry.)
I'm very schedule oriented in my life and go into a funk whenever it gets to disrupted. Its a character flaw that I try to overcome, but haven't mastered. Today, I'm hoping to decide what I want to do for the One heart, one world giveaway that Lisa has organized. What fun will be in store for all of us!
I finally did some sketching and I finished this one yesterday. I love the faces of SuzyBlu so I tried to emulate the eyes and face. It was fun to try a new style. I had to add the doggie cuz my little beagle was helping me draw the night I did her.
Love and peace to all.


  1. That is a fun sketch. I love the colours you picked.


  2. Very Cute!

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Have a Blessed Healthy
    Happy Creative Safe Year!!!

  3. You do really well with your art. You should have no fear of people liking it!


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