Tuesday, January 8, 2008

This mermaid didn't want to come out. I'm still not thrilled with the results, but I'm learning so hopefully the next one will not have the same things that bother me. I might use her in some kind of collage and maybe I'll find a better use for her that way.
All my students have returned to lessons this week. They are doing much better than right before Christmas. They are all much calmer and have better focus right now. The older ones are studying for exams so they're all very serious.
I've been busy, but not doing anything super cool. I picked out the paint for the bathroom and went and purchased it. I just about died from that experience. I didn't check the price and had them mix up a gallon of the base layer and the special topcoat (I'm using a mettalic finish paint). I went to pay and swiped my Visa before she was done tallying. I just bought the 2 gallons of paint, 3 disposable paint tray liners and the specialized paint roller. It was over $90. I freaked out (not on the lady, just mentally) I just had no idea it could ever be so expensive. My sis laughed at how much it shocked me. Oh well, I'll be painting as soon as the drywall is ready and it will all be worth it to have a nice finished bathroom.

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  1. The mermaid looks good to me. Lucky that your students are calmer. With the weird weather we're having here this week, our students are still acting a bit too crazy for my taste!

    I hope your bathroom will turn out better then you expected... it has to at that price!



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