Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011 Possibilities

There's something wonderful about the way so many people embrace change at the start of a new year. Unfortunately, I can not count myself among those loving resolutions and changes in their lives. I am afraid of change. I don't embrace it or look forward to the opportunities it may bring. I mourn for what I'm losing when change comes my way. I know that is not a great outlook and I've been working to adapt and approach change in a more positive, optimistic manner. Some days I do better than others.

I've been experiencing more episodes where I temporarily lose the vision in one of my eyes. The neurologist is stumped at the moment and I'm stressed. I tried not to let the most recent episodes get to me, but they are scary and I can't put them out of my mind for long. It is frustrating that the doctors don't know why it happens and therefore, they can't prevent it from happening again. Anyways, I am instituting a change this year. Of my own free will. I'm trying to move to a more whole food, local food, organic lifestyle. I cant do completely organic as my bank account would shriek in response, so I'm picking and choosing and trying to change the ones where I feel it will make a difference. I'm reading labels and if it has an ingredient I can't pronounce, I'm putting the product back on the shelf. If there are more than 5 ingrediants on the label, I'm really thinking before I buy. Its almost frightening to see all the chemicals I've been consuming without realizing it up til now. I am not sure that this change will prevent future attacks of vision loss, but I'm pretty sure its a good change and will help me feel that I am doing everything I can to maintain a healthy body and soul.

So here's to changes, however scary they may be. I hope that 2011 proves to be the best year yet.


  1. I think that it's a good kind of change. I like the idea of buying/consuming food that has 5 ingredients or less. And I think I'll join you in this "change". It can't hurt, it can only help, right?
    I hope the doctors will soon find out what is causing your episodes and that they'll fix it quickly and without pain.
    Happy new year!

  2. It is such a shame thatthe entirely organic lifestyle has become so expensive and only the very rich can lead such privelaged lives...I agree so much! Can so read your blog and identify with so I am adding you to my blogroll. Thanks so much - loved it. Dxx


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