Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Butterfly Bowl

I spent a wonderful day at Creatopia
with a friend. I picked out the "popcorn bowl" and decided to try my hand at butterflies. Painting on the pottery is a bit weird in that you aren't supposed to mix the paints together to achieve shading. You paint everything 3 times and to get a shading I think you paint different layers a bit differently. I'm not sure about that. I havent figured it out. The butterflies are pretty much just blocks of color seperated by lines to define the sections so I didn't have to worry so much about shading. Another weird thing about painting on pottery is that you really cant see exactly how your painting will look until after it is fired. The colors are really muted and the details are hard to see prior to the firing. I had brought a magazine with pictures to look at as I painted and kept picking them out til the bowl had them all around. I joked that this was going to be my ice cream bowl. It is huge, but I really like ice cream!! In reality, it was serving as a fruit bowl and now I've begun mixing my bread in it for its rising time. I love how it turned out. It brings a spot of cheer to the kitchen.
Its a good excuse to spend some time with a friend and talk and catch up as you paint. We've gone twice now and had a blast each time.
Actually, I think we're about due for another trip.

1 comment:

  1. Your butterflies are gorgeous!
    I've gone to a ceramic cafe a couple times in the past and loved it. I think I'm due for a new visit too!


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