Monday, January 17, 2011

Grasping at the tranquil moments

Life threw my family a curve this past week. My mother in law was diagnosed with colon cancer. She is getting a port put into her chest as I am typing this, and will start chemotherapy on Thursday. This came as a surprise to the entire family and we are still in the adjustment period and trying to adapt to this diagnosis. Any prayers and good wishes you can send are greatly appreciated.

I am trying to look at the good parts of life and really participate fully in those moments. I want to remain as optimistic as possible so I can be there for my husband as he deals with these new emotions. So, I am grasping at the tranquil moments and enjoying the happy moments and just putting one foot in front of the other. Life may be changed, but it continues and we need to keep moving. I picked up a copy of Sark’s latest book “Glad No Matter What” late last week. (Usually I buy her books the minute they are released, but I hadn’t gotten around to this one. I think it was meant so that reading it can be fresh, and help me deal with what I’m feeling now.) I have only just begun this book but it talks about feeling multiple emotions at once. I may be sad and fearful for my MIL, but at the same time last week I experienced the extreme joy and satisfaction of a job well done that I shared with you in my last post. I was actually feeling a bit guilty about being happy when so much was falling apart around me. Now I know that I can experience both emotions simultaneously, and that they don’t reduce each other. This photograph expresses a peacefulness to me, and that is how I want to be able to feel. I know I can’t always feel calm and content, I am a natural worrier, but I want to remember to try to find at least a moment each day to experience the pleasure of those feelings.


I’m happy to announce the winner of my 100th post giveaway was Mrs. Nesbitt. I’ll be contacting you soon to get your address. Congratulations and thank you to all who stopped by.


  1. I am so touched that amongst this time you took time to go ahead with your giveaway - I feel quite humbled. I sincerely hope you know you have some good friends here in bloglandwe may be virtual but we are real people who will help & support you through this time. My thoughts are with your MIL, hubby and family. Take care. Lots of Love from over the pond.

    Denise xxxx

  2. I'm keeping your MIL + family in my thoughts. Keep focusing on the positive no matter how small it may be.


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