Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Today was another trying Tuesday. Thankfully I didn't have more than 1 errand to compound my schedule. I find it interesting that although I was in town yesterday and thought I had everything taken care of, I had to go back today for something unexpected. Seems like the best planning seldom falls into place exactly as you would wish.
I was in the office supply store today and found that they make bumper sticker paper that you can use with your home printer. I think this is an awesome idea. Now I just need to narrow down my ideas so my entire car wont be covered with them.
Todays necklace is made of polymer clay leaves cut from a colorblended sheet. I used a real leaf to imprint the veining and manipulated the shape of the leaves to give slight curves. I had the idea for this design and believe it or not, 1 trip to the craft store supplied exactly what I had in mind for chain and jump rings! Amazing don't ya think? I assembled this on my way to southern Ohio last weekend. The colors were peaking and working on this necklace seemed more than appropriate.

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