Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I had to go to the dr. today. I have TMJ. I've had it for years and it had calmed down to very liveable, but after my little mini stroke, the stress took its toll and my jaw doesn't work right and its very painful again. The MRI shows both discs dislocated. I went today to get my brace adjusted. I'm really happy that he did some grinding on it and I can talk fairly normal with it in now. Before it was very difficult to understand me. What I dont get is he actually pried my jaw open further than I could open. I'm not saying he was incredibly over the top with this, but when your jaw wont open and someone forces it open its painful. I've had plenty of dental techs do this and hurt me severly. This is my TMJ specialist! He knew it would hurt, apologized, and then proceeded to do it. I just dont get what he needed to find out. I was doing pretty good and now I have a headache and am sore. So not fair.
Todays art is my SIL's fairy. Buttercup Iceglitter. I'm to sore to really ramble on. I'm gonna work on something and focus my energy away from the pain. That usually helps.

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