Wednesday, February 6, 2008


I've been having so much fun visiting all the participants in the One World, One Heart event. It is so inspiring to see all the talent that is being displayed. Its so inspiring to see all the varieties of mediums and everyones special style. I've definetly found blogs I'll stop by often. I'd like to thank everyone who has stopped by and left so many encouraging words. The effect of them you may never know, but I've felt such a boost in confidence that I'm tackling being a pink artist which I was draggin my feet about before. I'm also going to enter a contest that I've know about for a long time, but had pretty much brushed off the idea of participating with. I know I probably wont be a finalist in the contest, but I can challenge myself to do a big project and work with a deadline. These are both things that I need to tackle head on right now. Its so easy to be scared off from trying new things but I really feel I need to put myself out there in new ways no matter how frightening it may be.
I made this art doll using the same technique as the fish. Lots of paper, tape and modge podge. Its the first art doll I've tried. I wanted to be able to look at here and be inspired. I definetly need to work with fibers more so I can become more comfortable with them. I'm not real thrilled with her hair or arms, but I used what I had on hand and she's a good start. I'm working on the pink project and the other bigger contest right now, but I think I'll try another doll in the future. I might even break out my sewing machine and sew a fabric base the next time. I really hate sewing, but I love other art dolls I've seen with the fabric so I think thats the direction I'll go next time.


  1. She looks great! You are doing such wonderful creations. Isn't this blogging world the best! I have met so many cool people over the past couple of years online. Only one turned out to be a whacko..ha! It is just fabulous and as you said ...INSPIRING. Peace and love!

  2. I like this art doll. She looks like she has just the right amount of attitude.


  3. I wish I could sew..I would love to make a doll!

  4. What a fabulous post, like you I've discovered new blogs and new confidence for jumping right in instead of lurking about wondering should I do that??? Thank you for going pink! and jumping right in with both feet. This doll is awsum, I'm excited to see where your art will take you. I'll def. be back in here soon, Monica :)

  5. I love your art doll, even her hair! It's special.

  6. She's beautiful. I love the colours she's made of.


  7. I just love your doll! She has so much character!!

    I've just started to participate in my first round robin doll event. I'm having so much fun with it. I've made a number of art dolls in the past, but this is my first collaborative effort. Having a blast.

    Stacy Alexander

  8. You captured my hair so perfectly!

  9. I'm loving the effect of cruising everyone's blogs, too. Good luck with your contest entry!


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