Friday, February 15, 2008

Wonderful day

I had such a wonderful day yesterday. I think my favorite V-day ever. I was the lucky winner of 3! OWOH giveaways. I am so thankful to be choosen and cant wait to receive art in the mail. Laurie is sending me a lovely heart pin, Lisa has created a beautiful poetic postcard that I'll be getting, and Kaycee is sending some original notecards! I'm feeling so lucky and blessed. Thank you ladies for adding to my happiness.

I had a lovely day with my DH too. We went for a nice lunch and then stayed in for the evening. I went to a new Borders bookstore after lunch yesterday. It was incredible. They had a whole digital section where you can download music straight to your ipod, they're hooked with Shutterfly so you can make your own digital albums there, and had many other cool things. In the cooking section they actually had 2 computers with printers where you could find and print out recipes (no limit to how many either!) It was such a comfortable place. They have a stage in the back (not just in the kids section) and a long list of people coming (both authors and musicians) and I was just blown away by the whole thing. I love bookstores anyways, but this went beyond anything I've experienced before. It was such a nice part of my afternoon to browse this new store.

I found a new craft book that looks really cool. Its "The Big-a@@ Book of Crafts" by Mark Montano. The project on page 148 is how to make your own Ultrasuede art case. I remember seeing these cases maybe 2 years ago on the Oprah O list and then in a shop, but they were way out of my price range. I will need to dig out my sewing machine, but if I can make one of these it'll be so cool!

Todays art is a mixed media collage. I love frogs and this one just popped into my art journal one night, peeking out of the tiara. I just love it. I painted, modgepodged some art paper accents, glittered, and glued on fake jewels. I used lots of metallic paints of course too. It was fun.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you had a lovely Valentines day and have something special happen to you today.


  1. I love your artwork for today! It's a story in itself. Sounds like you had a great day. That bookstore sounds like my kind of place too!

    I'm glad you received the ATC. I hadn't originally planned for the pink ribbon but it begged to have a place on there so I went with it and was happy that I did. Breast cancer is an important cause to me too. I know quite a few people who battled and won so I support the cause as much as I can.


  2. Love the tags! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier, glad it gave you a chuckle. Stop by any time, not sure how to let me know who you are beyond noting it in your comment, visit any time. Andee aka

  3. Love the art! Plan b, that is too funny.
    You're invited!!!!

    What: A Blog Party


    When: Now thru next Tuesday

    Why: Becuase I made it to 100 posts (wasn't sure I'd make it past 3)

    Time: My blog never sleeps, so come when you can.

    Who: You of course, bring a friend too.

    P.S.: I have a present to give away!

  4. Frogs and a Plan B, that is hysterically funny. I did a piece called "Pucker Up Froggy" but I must tell you, you said it best with Plan B!


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