Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Good news and a snow day to boot!

A wonderful piano technician helped me yesterday. She squeezed me in with the hopes that the piano would be useable for my afternoon lessons. What a difference experience with this caring lady. She looked the piano over and went to work. She got the whole thing tuned (which the other guy said was impossible) and had some very viable ideas for restorating the piano. It wont be inexpensive, but I'd much rather invest in my dear piano than invest in buying a new one. She'll be back later this week to fix the string I broke and give me some numbers to look at. I'll probably have to let her take it to her shop for the summer, but I dont teach then anyways so it wont hurt my income at that time. I'm so very happy and relieved to know that she can be saved. With the investment, she'll be good to go for another 3-4 generations after me. It makes me furious that that man came into my home and said all those horrible lies. I will be writing a letter to the company who sent him my way. I need to write instead of calling to complain because I'd just start yelling and not get my point across as professionally as I can in a letter.

Today we had a big snow storm come through. Everything shut down including the community college so my polymer clay class was cancelled. I dug out my supplies and put together the 2 books pictured here. I made the covers out of double layer clay with some of the top layer peeled away to reveal some texture I had added to the bottom. I used Pearlx and acrylic paint to make the stampings I added pop out. I cut out some cardstock and tried to sew together the pages. I'm not sure they'll stand up, but they look good tonight. I glued in a tie to keep the journal closed and then glued a black piece of cardstock into the inner covers to cover where I had glued all the strings on. The books are approx. 3" x 4.5". I need to investigate how to hold the pages in better if I'm going to attempt this again.
The snow picture is from about 7 this morning. I had just finished up my morning walk and the world was so beautiful with the snow clinging to everything. I ran in grabbed the camera and then stood in the middle of the road to take this picture.
Thank you to everyone who left such nice posts to try and cheer me up. You all added hope when I really didn't think there was any. I'm so thankful things are going to work out with this new ladies help. What a difference between the 2. I wish I had never called the first man, but he is from the "elite" shop in Toledo so I thought I was going to get the best-definetly didn't expect to get screwed. Live and learn. You can bet every student I deal with from now on will be educated on who not to call for help.


  1. So glad you received your cards, gladder to know you like them- and gladdest to hear the good news about your piano. (I, too, have found solace and love and friendship in a piano- so I felt for you...)Enjoy the snow!

  2. WOW isn't it amazing what good business people can do and how it changed the entire outcome. I am so glad.
    Your little book is amazing.
    i love to make little books. DId you use waxed linen thread or even waxed floss will do?
    A know a few basic stitches for bookbinding.

  3. So sorry to read about that first experience with the "elite" guy -- but so glad to see you've found another resource! And what a wonderful thing for your hubby to cheer you up with cookie monster :) Sweet.

    The snow photo is beautiful -- and hey, is that banner new? I looooooove it! Very fun! Quite inviting! I've been trying to work on new banners for both MotherHenna and "A Peace Of" -- oh, and the Etsy shop, too -- but the inspiration just isn't coming. Have lots of versions, but nothing has clicked with me yet. Anyway, just wanted to say the banner caught my eye today...well done!


  4. I love your banner!! And the books are just beautiful. At first I thought they were hand-tooled leather! Gorgeous!!

    I'm glad your piano can be saved. And I agree that you should write to that other company and tell them what happened.

  5. I came back and had a closer look at your journals, just gorgeous.
    PS you should be a tutorial up.

  6. Yay for the piano lady. Treasured heirlooms are worth the upkeep.


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