Monday, February 18, 2008

Running Love

What kind of dreams do you hold deep down inside? About 3 years ago my hubby and I started doing the Body for Life diet/exercise program. We both lost weight and built muscle by doing the program in its initial time frame-I think it was a 3 month thing. Anyways, after we finished doing those months, I tapered off and eventually went back to my old ways. (I can tell you this now because since then, I have lost the weight and I now exercise regularly and have stayed within my weight "range" for 2 years now.) My hubby however, never stopped exercising and eating well. He started running races. We both did a 5K on Labor day of 2005. It was the first race either of us had ever attempted. He ran it, I walked the majority of it. He tried his first duathalon later that fall (Run 5K, Bike 10K, Run 5K), and has since finished many 5Ks (which I now can run the whole thing), 10Ks, half-marathons, duathalons, triathalons, and his first full marathon. He is truly an inspiration to see progress with better times and longer distances. For valentines day I made him this race record altered book. It is divided into sections for each type of race and I've written in date, race name, and finishing time. Its made on industrial (carpet?) tags I found at a garage sale and "had" to have. By using the tags, I can easily expand the pages as necessary. I used acrylic paints and mulberry paper to embellish it, but not my typical glitter as he just wouldn't of appreciated that. On the reverse of each tag I included a quote about strength, commitment, and other values I see in him. This is one of my favorite things I've done in awhile and watching him open it was so rewarding.

So, what are your dreams and what are you doing to reach them? Nothing is impossible with the right amount of patience and practice. Go for it.


  1. Hi
    Thanks for stopping by a desert garden.I really like this altered book you made your husband. It's very meaningful. I used to be more involved in I usually just walk the Susan B Komen breast cancer 5k....still love walking and making altered books

  2. What a wonderful gift for your husband. It looks great.

    I wish I could run but I have weak ankles from spraining them too many times. Maybe one day...


  3. Thanks for stopping my ByLightOfMoon!

    I adore your Dream Tags, We never can give up on our Dreams! I have health issues that prevent my walking long distances but I used to do little 5K runs in the old days when I was young {grins}.

    You roses are beautiful, Do you dry the petals for potpourri. I lay mine out on a screen I got from a pet store on sale for 75 cents{a real bargain} that goes on top of cages or aquariums. Awesome deal!

    Oh Yes, fairies are my Big Dreams of Art, In fact, check out my ALteRed ArT blog for info to see The Fairy Group I belong too,
    "The Fairy Zine"! but I am so far behind in my DreaMs of where I should be, with making my Artful Fairies. You can also see, I am a Dragonfly Lover!

    I have just started Blogging and I have so many things to catch up and add, so please stop back in now and then!
    smiles, ByLightOfMoon/Cyndi

  4. That is such a cool idea! I had to laugh when you said you found the tags at a garage sale and "had" to have them. I buy odd things like that, too, and my hubby just shakes his head.

    I'm sure your husband will treasure this little "dream" book.

  5. Hello again, thanks for stopping by my party. For the beads I use perfect pearls, glitter and pearlex powders to dip them in, then coat them in several layers of UTEE.

  6. I was just looking through your cool blog and (sorry) you've been tagged.

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  7. Hi,

    This was a really neat idea.

    All of your blog is full of interesting stuff! :) I'm having fun checking it all out!

    I came by to say thanks for the gift of the beaded necklace ( My blog win) It's very pretty and perfectly made!


  8. GREAT blog post!!!!!
    I have a dream just ro get through a day without thinking about what i eat in a negative way. Also wanted to answer your question about the flower on the chunky book page yes it is 3-d. :)

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  10. What a great idea. You guys are an inspiration! Don't ya just love mulberry paper? I love the way it takes mod podge. Now I might have to go get messy. :)


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