Thursday, February 7, 2008

Pink Artist

I made this 2" x 2" square as my contribution to the pinkartist group. " 'the pink artist' is a community of artists joining togetherto create one joint art doll to benefit Susan G. Komen for the Cure.When doll is complete, it will be mailed in to Art Doll Quarterly™before finally being auctioned off on eBay at a later date." I was very excited when I found out about this project as I've been an active participant in the Breast Cancer 3 day walks for years now. (This year will be the 7th and 8th I'll have participated in). I love how innovative people can be in fundraising when they really put their mind to it. My square has a beaded ribbon and polymer clay holding hands. I think the importance of friendship and support are irreplaceable when someone goes through a hard diagnosis and treatment. It is in honor of the friendships I have formed and have witnessed at the walks that I dedicate my square. My deepest desire is to have this devastating disease irradicated within my lifetime.
On to a happier subject. I have spent my entire day working on something I thought about last night. It was incredible to dive in and have the whole thing go so smooth. Everything worked out just as I had envisioned. Where a vision hadn't been forthright, I just "knew" what to do when the step came up. I cant wait to share it here, but it will have to wait as its a gift for someone who might be reading this. What an incredible day its been.
Yesterday was Ash Wednesday-the first day of Lent. At my church service I had to laugh at how some pop culture really invades our thougth process. Pastor said something about the ashes being symbolic of us originating from dust, and in our death returning to dust. All that popped into my head was a quote from "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" "Dust...Wind...Dude." I almost laughed out loud. I just love those movies. Maybe I'll watch one tonight. I hope each of you finds something that makes you laugh today. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Beautiful square, I love the holding of the hands but what really struck me in this post was your spirit! Delightful blog, fun way of expressing your gift- and boy I nearly fell out of my chair reading your Bill & Ted thoughts- EXCELLENT! Thank you for sharing your world with us! I can't wait to hold Ur square in my hands, but till then I'll def. link this post! And what made me laugh today, while walking with my 2 year old niece she kept running to my leg and wouldn't let her momma pick her up, only ME. :) ~Monica

  2. I love the this piece.

    Thanks for keeping my
    Son in your prayers and
    stopping by my blog!

    Have a Blessed Happy Fun
    Creative Healthy Year!!!

  3. I love your 2x2! It is very beautiful, and what a great cause!

    Stacy Alexander

  4. please add me to your drawing I added you to mine
    "walk in the way"
    My contact info is

  5. Wow, that is so nice. Hands are hard to make and yours are wonderful.

  6. G'day from Oz,

    What a great idea behind the square. There is no greater goft than friendship.

  7. Beautiful square and a beautiful thought behind it. Did you have a mold for the hands or did you do them yourself? They're very good.

  8. I am sorry, I did not know how to get a hold of you, so I am hoping that you will get this on time!

    I would love to put your name into my box for drawing, but you must first subscribe to my blog.

    TO SUBSCRIBE: Please enter your email address in the yellow box below on the right.

    Thank you again,

    Kristina Law

  9. Very nice piece, you artbrat!

    Thanks for stopping by to see
    my owoh hearts. :)

  10. Congratulations! you won my heart pin give away. I need you to choose which heart you would like so I can mail it to asap. Then send me your street address.

  11. Congratulations you have won the giveaway (postcard) in the OWOH contest. Please send me your Name and address. Thank you Lisa Alff


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