Thursday, March 13, 2008

Another card for the deck

Sorry for the long time since the last post. Time just seems to slip away sometimes. I have been doing art, but just haven’t gotten to posting anything. Anyways, for today I would like your opinion again. I made both of these cards with thoughts for the Healing deck by Mother Henna. I'm not sure which would be better for the deck.

“Beauty Lies Beneath” was made for all the times we judge by first impressions or someone’s outer appearance. When we fall into this trap we miss out on getting to know the true person we have encountered. If we keep an open mind and block out judgment we can look with our heart and discover the treasures and beauty present within others.

“Love Unconditionally” was inspired by my dogs. They are always there with a friendly face and soft fur to bury tears into. They seem to know when you need something. They cuddly up right next to you and look at you with their big soft eyes and say “its gonna be alright” or “you’re the best.” Its been proven that spending time with your pets can lower your blood pressure and improve your health. I would love to see a thorough study of what having a pet does for your emotional health.

The text of both is not really on the card yet, I photoshopped it to see what it might look like, so that may change a bit. The “Nurture with Nature” card will be one of my two. Which of the other two would you rather see included in the deck?

In other matters, my Gramma spent some time in the hospital this week. I am very thankful that she is okay and home now. If you are lucky enough to still have your grandparents around you go tell them you love them. In fact, make a point today of telling people what they mean to you. So often we assume that they “know” how we feel, but can one ever get tired of hearing those precious words “I love you”? Embrace what you’ve been given and enjoy it while you have it.


  1. I like the koi card best because calm water is always soothing, a healing feeling. I absolutely love dogs (have 4 of them) but water seems more universal.

    I started a card (well actually, I had it finished) today and realized I only made it 2 1/2 x 4 inches. So now I have to find a way to fix it or move on to another. Bummer.

  2. I love love love the fish! I'm a water baby though, so it's a personal bias :) Just posted the link on the deck post on my blog, too... Can't wait to see which you decide to send!

  3. Hi! Both cards are really wonderful and I love the meanings behind them.
    Glad your Gramma is OK!
    Have a great weekend.

  4. Oh yes! I feel the same way about grandparents and people we love... Sadly, I get caught up in life and don't see them enough.... My heart is full!! Love your creations and sentiments!!

  5. i love them both...difficult to choose really!

    i'm happy your grandma is okay!

    I received a wonderful surprise in the mail! A great fabric covered journal and lovely wire wrapped crystal! Thanks so much Brandy for the blew me away!

    Love, Violette

  6. Both cards are beautiful but I do prefer the Koi one. Very peaceful.

    Glad your Grandma is okay. I don't see my grandparents often (maybe 3-4 times per year) but when I do, it's always special and they appreciate it.


  7. Love the Koi card best. As the butterfly, it relates to nature and I'm a nature girl! I still have not decided on my first card, tho the second one is a go. I think I am going to change that first one totally. That's me...a mindless wonder! Jumping from rabbit hole to rabbit hole. LOL

    You are so right about your grandmom. I only WISH mine were still here. She practically raised me and she was awonderful lady.

  8. Just beautiful. I especially like the koi in the ripply pond. So relaxing (translation: healing)!

  9. Hello,
    At first I thought the fish, wow yes the fish. Then I saw the expression on the dog, you really captured a spirit there. I wonder what you will choose. Just lovely!


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