Sunday, March 2, 2008

Another Sunday

I made this mermaid a while ago, but she never got posted. It was nice to have something to show as I've got lots in the works, but nothing finished. She is done with acrylics over a watercolor background. She's got a polymer clay face (from a mold) and some outrageous art yarn hair. The face is off in color from the body, but in real life it doesn't look quite so drastic. I like how her tail hangs over the 5x7 base. I'm not sure what I'll do with her but for now she is sitting on my mantel.

I purchased a spirit doll from Groggy Froggy Lisa last weekend. She arrived a few days ago and she is even more amazing than her pictures were. The colors are so vibrant. She is a definetly a wild woman and I love her.

The young adults of my church have started a new fellowship between services and they are having members share things on a voluntary basis. Today a physician started things off by talking about how even the most educated among us dont know so many things. In particular he focused on the phrase "Beyond Human Comprehension". It is "Beyond Human Comprehension" how vast the universe is. We only see what our eyes allow and to be told that beyond that furthest start there is still an endless universe is simply not understandable. It is "Beyond Human Comprehension" how one person gets sick while doing everything right yet another can do many abuses to their body and remain physically stable. While our human nature cannot explain many things I know there is a greater force in charge. I may not understand why God allows for bad things to happen, but I do know that he is there. I feel his presence always, but especially in the little things like the first shoots coming up in the spring or a squeeze of a hand from a loved one. When things get difficult cling to those little things.

I have many of you in my prayers and hope you feel goodness and love coming your way.


  1. Your mermaid is gorgeous! I love her hair. I also like how her tail extends past the base.

    I am the proud owner of one of Groggy Froggy's dolls and so I know what you mean. Her dolls are fantastic!!

  2. Your mermaid is so cute. And I am so glad to hear that your piano is going to be just fine.


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