Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Polymer clay class

These polymer clay pendants were made in my class taught by Kimberly Arden. I've been taking classes from her for years now. She is a wonderful artist and a fun teacher who encourages adapting things to be more "you". (That's how the curlique shape came about. The straightforward shape just isn't really my thing right now.) We constructed the rose and leaf canes in class and then put them together for the pendants. You could either do yellow, purple or red roses so of course I chose yellow because it has orange in it. I still havent put either of these on a necklace, but maybe someday I'll get around to doing that.
I had a very nice relaxing Easter. After I was finished playing services at church we went to my parents house for a nice dinner and just hung out with extended family. We got to catch up on what everyone has been up to and shared lots of laughter. I really enjoyed not having to run between my family and my hubbys (we had spent the previous Saturday with them). Usually I get stressed out from traveling and making sure we see everyone. It was very nice to do it differently this year.


  1. Amazing! Love these and love how you made it uniquely yours!
    Sandra Evertson

  2. Nice pieces and nice canes to make them with.

  3. I love the curly-cue shape.
    Glad you had a nice, relaxing Easter!

  4. Very pretty!

    I have never done any of this work!


  5. Your pendant is wonderful , but I love your painting of the tulips.
    I'm so happy spring has come to my region and you will be blessed with blooms soon.



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