Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday and a Snow Storm

I started a new art journal today. I have always drawn my pictures in my journal and then either pulled them out and painted/colored them, or copy them and embelish the copy. This new journal is more of a true art journal. I opened it up, dumped a bunch of blue paint on the pages and began. I didn't use a pencil at all, just started painting. I have a bouquet of tulips on my table right now that I was using as inspiration, but I think my painting looks more like poppies. Either way, it was fun to just dive in first thing with paint. Sometimes a new approach works out so well. I'm going to try to do my art both ways for a bit and see if I what I produce varies depending on which way I go. The flower inspiration was from Suziblu's prompt for the week. I've never done her prompts either. I guess I'm just in a mood to try something new this week.
I sent out my first art entry of my life this week. It is for a poster contest held by the Breast Cancer 3 Day. The contest is only open to 3 day participants. Anyways, I worked on my entry for over a month, asked a few people for critiques, worked on an artist's bio, signed my rights away in a waiver and posed while my hubby took my head shot. I FedExed the package on Wednesday and was almost in tears letting it go. I'm not sure what came over me. I made the art specifically to submit, but still freaked out sending it off. I guess I've never worried about someone "judging" my art before and now I know people will be for the contest. Anyways, I was and still am perplexed to my emotional response. I guess I'm just weird.
We're getting another snow storm today. Can you believe it. They're saying 5"+ for my area! I love snow but even I am getting tired of this. I want to see the tulips out in the yard, not in a vase. I want to go dig and tend to my roses. I want to take a walk not bundled in many layers. I want to lay in the hammock with a good book. OK, enough whining. I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter weekend.


  1. Oh yes, I htink those feeling are natural ;) But, I love your tulips!! Oh snow?? WOWsa, it was 85' here today... I will send some heat your way ;)

  2. I see other people have
    those same feelings also.

    Lovely flowers!

    No snow here. Cold but sunny.
    It is going to rain during the
    rest of the week. Sun on Saturday.

    Have a Blessed Year!!!

  3. Your flowers are lovely! I also have the same feelings that you have about sending stuff out for's natural.

    Love, Violette
    p.s. the weather has been weird everywhere.........sending you thoughts of reading lazily in a hammock!

  4. Good luck in your poster contest. Please don't be disappointed if you don't win...think how MANY submissions there probably are. The odds are probably like winning the lottery! I have submitted so much in the past here and there and even entered shows locally, but the best luck I always had was putting work out in a gallery. Then it sells and I don't have to worry about competing. No stress! BUT............ Good Luck anyway...I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for you. How exciting that would be, and especially for this cause. Love your tulips! :)


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