Thursday, March 6, 2008

Mother Henna's Personal Healing Deck

I worked on one of my cards today for the personal healing deck project sponsored by Mother Henna. I'm showing it here in hopes of getting some constructive feedback. I want to add the words "Nurture with Nature" or "Nurture in Nature". Originally I was going to use a monarch butterfuly, but I loved the spots on this one. Its a buckeye butterfly. It is done with acrylics on cardstock. I used the 2.75 x 4 inch size so I wouldn't have to worry about reduction later. The corners will be rounded for the deck, but I was afraid to round them myself in case they wouldn't fit the deck.
I chose the theme of nature because it is a source for much of my creativity. Things I see on my morning walk will often come out in sketches later in the day. When I'm feeling emotional just going out and sitting by my garden helps me work out what is bothering me. There are so many tiny miracles that happen without notice everyday. The transformation element of the butterfly is extremely useful to us when we are feeling uncreative, or in need of a change. If a caterpillar can complete such a drastic metamorphosis, what prohibits us from changing anything? It is very easy to become comfortable with routine. I am one of the worst offenders for this trait. The problem is that my routine can prevent me from branching out to new things, new people and new ideas. Stagnation may be comfortable, but it doesn't help me achieve all that is possible. Watching how things change in nature reminds me that change is not a bad thing. Change is necessary to growth. By embracing the miracles of nature, I open myself to seeing things in a new way and not being afraid to test out new things.
What makes you expand your views or try new things? What holds you back?


  1. I love it! It's a good idea to leave it square and let the rounding of the corners happen in production. The detail, the colors -- just really beautiful! I'll be interested to see where and how you add the words, too.

    Your wonderful post about what the card means to you is also making me think. I wonder if I should try doing a little handmade zine to go along with the deck -- where everyone has a space to say what the card means? Hmmm... gonna think on that... need to get myself over this cruddy flu first, then I can think straight again...

    Thanks so much for posting it -- I'm adding the link to our deck posting on the Mother Henna blog, too...


  2. Gorgeous art!!!! I think this deck is going to be completely amazing.
    I often wonder where my inspiration comes from as i can't continually look at wonderful art
    blogs as i go into overload and feel paralyzed. my inner critic is so strong i have to consciously push her away alot. I am working on that, just letting it flow. I guess also i am hugely inspired by Artist trading cards, the thought of my mailbox being full and trading with amazing artists pushes me to try new themes. Call it selfish however the inspiriation is receiving art from others.

  3. WoW! That is totally awesome. Your colors and attention to detail are awe inspiring. I have never tried to do a butterfly with such detail. Perhaps now I will have the courage to give it a try. It's very beautiful and your written post was as meaningful as the art.
    Thanks so much for the compliment you left on my blog. Coming from someone with your talent, it means something special to me. I have finished one of my Mother Henna cards too. Maybe I will post it later today or tomorrow. I have to get it measured out correctly first. I always get things crooked!

  4. Great card!

    I'm checking in with my OWOH blogging buddies and so glad that I saw your work. It's wonderful.

    Sending good wishes your way for a great week.


  5. I love it. It's so colorful and yes, butterflies always help us "think" renewal. It's perfect. I just have drawings so far. Finished up a couple of projects yesterday so figure I can work with color today.

    I love the way you didn't show the whole butterfly too. He can't be contained by a card! Good imagery in that too.

  6. this is awesome! I love what you wrote about it too. The idea of a smallish zine to accompany the card deck is awesome!

    Love, Violette

  7. It is divine! Butterflies symbolize so many things...for me, freedom of spirit. The ability to stop and smell the roses.
    What a brilliant piece you've created here.

  8. I love your butterfly and yes the spots are great. What a wonderful project! Fun and significant!


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