Saturday, December 1, 2007

Just keep swimming... I loved parts of the movie "Finding Nemo" I think my favorite character was the hippie like turtle. I sketched my turtle when I was stuck in the pit of the musical I worked on. I actually used the quote of "just keep swimming" on that page. Yes, I know that the fish Dori actually said that, but I was hanging on by a thin thread and needed to keep swimming. The rest of the fish were sketched within the next few days. I actually did all of the sketching without a visual. I drew from memory. I was pretty happy with them. I copied them, painted a watercolor background, markered the fish and cut them out, cut out leaved and glued them all to the background. I of course added glitter bubbles to. I'm not real thrilled with the positioning, but I glued the first fish down in the wrong spot.
Christmas in Ida is today. Its a huge festival for our small town. We have a light parade and lots of craft booths and have a blast. We walk to my aunt and uncles house to watch since the parade route doesn't go past our house. We have a big potluck and then watch the parade. I look forward to tonight all year. I hope each of you has a special activity that really defines the holiday season.

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