Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Another day with all my lessons cancelled. There's a chance of a bit more tonight, but then it'll be out of here. I made ornaments for my choir members. I didnt personalize these. I used a texture stamp cookie cutters and pearlx powders. These went very smooth. I did have to laugh because most people I know are spending time baking cookies and treats for the holidays. My oven has been on for 2 days almost constant and I havent made anything edible. I am working on another cool clay project I'll hopefully post tomorrow. So far its looking like its turning out. Hooray!
So my tub wasnt delivered today. I got a call to say they were loading up and on their way and then about 10 minutes later I recieved another call saying the tub was delivered in the wrong color (I need bone and they sent white.) I used to work from the plumbing shop doing the install and they were very apologetic and all. The warehouse didnt have a bone in stock so they were pulling all kinds of strings to take care of me. I talked to them this afternoon and the tub will be installed tomorrow. I'm ok with this whole thing but I'm not looking forward to my hubby coming home. Its kinda weird that little things can throw me into such a tizzy but something like this I can pretty much take in stride today. (I'm not PMSing anymore which surely helps) Sometimes I cant even understand myself.
Thank you to everyone who is stopping by. I am loving the Glitter Power Sisters. All of you are so talented and inspiring. I hope that you are all having a spectacular holiday season with plenty of time to embrace what each of you holds dear.


  1. Your clay ornaments are really beautiful. I'm sure your students and choir members will love them.


  2. Love this ornaments also!!!

    Have a Blessed Month!


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