Friday, December 7, 2007

Happy Friday everyone. My house is Christmasied up. I love it. Unfortunately, I keep wanting to add more but I'm not sure where to put anything else. Can you see my error on the tree? I went out yesterday specifically to buy more garland for the tree. I got it, came home and put it on the tree and THEN realized its not the same. Bummer huh. So, I guess I'm going back to the store today. Miss Winnie looks kinda pissed at the tree doesn't she. Funny, its Fozzy who really doesnt like it.

I got new boots yesterday and wore them on my walk this morning. They are super warm and cozy. Really comfy for a real walk too. Its funny how excited I am about them really. They're pretty cute too!

I really need to get some Christmas shopping done. I didnt find anything while I was out yesterday. I actually got pretty freaked out at the mall yesterday. I was walking past the center of the mall and could hear people yelling. As I got closer I could see security pulling people away from each other and the yelling continued. After what happened in Nebraska the day before it really disturbed me. I pretty much ran to the store to get out of there. What is the world coming to when you cant even Christmas shop without being fearful? It makes me very sad. I just cant comprehend what gets into peoples minds and to be honest I dont want to understand it. I yearn to live in a more tolerant, compassionate world.

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