Saturday, December 29, 2007

Its been a rough couple of days since Christmas and I havent felt like being sociable. I'm still pretty angry but its all part of life and I will work through everything eventually. Families (especially in-laws) can be very hurtful and I know I'm not the only one experiencing this type of problem. Just not sure what the best response is since you hurt others by what you do. Anyways, this is the vase that I made for the family "make it" gift. Its a mosaic riverstone over a glass vase so its completely useable. Its not very nice, but its holding together and I tried. If I ever try something like this again I need to use smaller stones as the glue didnt hold the large ones on and created a nightmare. Mom did seem to like it.

I am excited about my families decision to do away with our traditional gift exchange next year and adopt a needy family to buy for instead. We can get together to buy all the gifts and prepare the meal so we get the added benefit of special time together while helping others.

This is my moms other present. It is a wooden box that contains a flask. I drew the different glasses with the intentions of added a "so many choices..." at the top, but didnt feel there was sufficient room, so just left it. It was funny cuz when she opened it, she kept saying how much she loved the box and how cool it was, but she honestly didn't realize I had painted the picture. The family got a real laugh out of that.
I hope that everyone had a nice holiday and that you continue to stay safe as we approach the new year.

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  1. {{{HUGS Brandy}}}
    Came to Wish You a Very
    Blessed Happy 2008 Year!!!

    Love the Gift Exchange Change
    for this Year!!! That is an
    awesome idea!!!

    Love the gifts you gave your
    Mom!!! Your overflowing with
    lot's of Talent!

    Have a Very Blessed New Year!!!


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